[Related to BL2's Showdown quest]Is it true that 6 VHs beat Nisha? Not 1 VH?

I forgot about the post that I found this. Anyway,I know from a post that Nisha is defeated by all of the 6 VHs. Really? I wonder why she is not beaten by Maya or Zero alone. That phaselock is enough to knock Nisha already. She is not that heavy compare to the Warrior or Constructor. She seems to

Anyone know that?

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Yes, in the canon, the 6 VH are completing the story. We have no details of who actually did what though.

Yep. For all we know she could have had Zer0 shove a sword through her back, or was shot by DT’s laser, or had her brain introduced to Krieg’s axe while she was shooting someone else. We’ll never know.

Not always. Mordecai Solo’d the underdome according to Bl2.

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Well I guess it’s a big plot hole. The dev seems to never expect Nisha to be this famous. Ha ha ha.

Yeah. In one of the pre-release videos, one of the devs said they wished they hadn’t killed her.

Pretty easy to ret-con anyway.

“We thought you were dead!”
“It takes more than that to do me in. Once the Vault Hunters left, I picked myself up, and got to Dr Zed, he then bla bla bla bla, nobody cares, i’m still kicking”

Or even better- Burch could just change her gender.

I know your taking a crack at Bloodwing, but that joke doesn’t really work anymore since Burch left GBX to write for a sit-com…

What? When did this happen?

…I leave for a year and Claptrap becomes a vault hunter, Burch leaves GB, and they still haven’t nerfed money shot…

Some months ago. Don’t remember how long ago. I’m sure it’s in the news section somewhere.

yeah along with 2k Aus shutting down and matt armstrong leaving too. crazy stuff. burch is working with freddie w now iirc.