Release date/time

So the game releases on September 13th, but at what time?

Since us Europeans are usually secondary customers compared to our fellow Americans, I assume we can’t play from midnight. So I assume that I can’t stay awake on Thursday the 12th to play after midnight, so it’d be good to know in advance when on Friday the 13th I can play it?

(omg I just realized… Friday the 13th!)

I have tried to find info about this but haven’t seen anything.

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I believe for myself, I live in Oregon, USA which is PST and I think I saw it said I could unlock the game at 9:00pm PST.

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Midnight Sep 12/13 your local time. If you have Xbox you cna set your account to New Zealand and play couple hours earlier iirc. Idk if this works for PS4. Don’t know about Epic.

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Thank you for your input, guys. I’m going to play on PC/EGS myself. If anyone got official info to direct to that’d be great so that I won’t just have to take someone’s word for it. Please don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate you trying to help, but BL3 is serious business and I’d like to see an official time stamp somewhere!

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Doubt it since Epic won’t let people predownload to have it ready like Steam would, so PC players won’t even be able to download until it is released for them and that is going to be a nice bottleneck.

I just wish Gearbox/2K cared enough for their players to understand how this is a huge disappointment for their fans.

Oh well, I will be playing on Xbox until it comes to steam, or maybe game pass =)


We can always hope the PC launch will run off GMT :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol

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As I said, idk how Epic works. If you are on Xbox, it’s midnight your local time (account region).

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I know that I’ll be playing BL3 for many, many hours - if it’s like BL1 and BL2 that means thousands of hours over several years for me. Being able to play it immediately on the second it’s officially the 13th of Sept. would bee nice, but means very little in the grand scheme of things. It isn’t a “huge disappointment” to me; it’s at worst a minor inconvenience.

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But you totally need to be the first in the world to do everything to remain 100% spoiler free! ;3

If you cant tell I’m joking though there are people like that out there.

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No but I am still thankful that I can predownload on my Xbox and play it the second it unlocks.


ill be able to play it after i receive it. cause according to support they try to have it arrive on launch day. but then there is the entire installation process and any updates to do.

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Considering I spent nearly a hundred bucks on the game, the least they could do would be to communicate exactly when it’ll be available to me. Does staff ever communicate on these forums? It’s like they’re hiding.

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Yes, so true. The game has been bought and is sitting on my Xbox external drive just waiting for the moment we can pre-download the whole thing, which hopefully will be soon.

Aim your displeasure at Take Two Interactive. They’re the ones who sold exclusivity to Epic Games. 2K pretty much had no choice, as it’s a part of Take Two.

I understand the business side and 2K had control, but you will never convince me that Gearbox has exactly ZERO to say about this.

You will also never convince me that Randy/Gearbox couldn’t at some point convinced them not to do the exclusive. Randy has not been shy about his distaste for Steam and how it robs the game companies, but he seems to enjoy not saying that Steam does a TON load more for us the gamer than Epic even remotely can do.

Well, there we have our answers! Thank you, Gearbox!

Then no offense meant, but you are uninformed on how businesses work. When the company that owns your company says “This is how it’s going to be” you can disagree with that decision all you want. But at the end of the day you do what you are told, because it’s their decision, and your job.

Absolutely, but as far as I know 2K does not own Gearbox, they simply publish for them. If someone knows different please correct me.

And as for publishing, I actually have a couple book deals and my publisher works with me on determining what I feel is in my best interest. My publisher has never once done an exclusive (I had an offer from Amazon which I accepted) without getting my input and if I had told them no they would have taken a different route.

If Gearbox is owned by 2K this would be different.

I understand Gearbox and 2K are on a level I will never achieve, but if Gearbox had made it clear they would be unhappy about the exclusive I will bet money they wouldn’t have done it. I do know enough about business to know that a publishing deal is not forever unless both sides choose it to be, it is usually for a certain amount of games before it expires, unless of course both sides choose to continue.