Released: Battleborn Skin Maker (Come make your own skins :D)

Update 4/16/17

Download Here :
This is a standalone package so no need to download any extensions and what not

Getting back around to this pet project.
Added Features:
All 5 unlockable characters.
Press “Space Bar” to diable UI and take screenshot
Camera rotation
Temp Background image
Press “Space Bar” to save screenshot to “Pictures” folder
Implemented a spec/gloss system for each RGB mask which I think is pretty cool and is working well.

To Do:
Outline width and color

Update 3/15/17

[details=Summary]Use Firefox or Internet Explorer (I know … believe me, I know) to run the unity plugin because both chrome has discontinued unity api and for some reason WebGL isn’t building properly :stuck_out_tongue:

Pre-Alpha is now available for you guys to mess around with and break WOOOOOOT!
There are a bunch of things wrong with it like phoebe’s dress, Isic’s head, also Reyna’s weapon has her head texture on it hahaha. Not to mention I havent implemented the 5 post launch characters yet.

Here is a video of where it is on the site and showing it works.

Update 3/10/17



Update: 3/9/17



So Ive always wanted to see what ideas people had as far as color combos for different characters and what Tier 1 skins people like. I figured out how to extract the models today and figured I’d set out on a little project.

I just started a few hours ago so its a total work on progress but so far I’ve gotten a decent workflow down, shader complete and 2 characters imported and working so far!

I’m able to mask out all areas of the model and even added an emissive level to the extra details. I’ve set the shader up to be relient on 2 maps per material so far so it’s pretty light. Once I find the normals or figure out how to open them I’ll be able to pop those in and only then will i throw in the spec cuz its kinda pointless without the normal at the moment.

Let me know what you guys think :smiley:

Demo Video


Updated with demo video

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I’m mad, because I used to do this the hard way, in XSi, which is belly up now. :wink:
Good job :acmaffirmative:


Oh, WOW!! That’s reallyreallyREALLY cool, dude!

@wisecarver, why do you have a picture of me giving a sultry and suggestive wink…?

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Thanks guys!

…I’m a fan :wink:


You might want to drop @lowlines a line! He’s been working with the models for a while… though he’s distracted with Zelda right now :stuck_out_tongue:

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Updated with User End interactive video. I finally figured out how to make color picker colors a variable to be read and applied realtime wooot

So far so good. Now I gotta apply some sliders and check boxes and we should be good to go for the first round of testing.

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I made characters able to be chosen, figured out how to change materials as needed, and consolidated all of the individual scripts I had on each character by making an “ActiveHero” variable and pulling all needed data from them saving sooo many headaches once it was all figured out. So far so good, nothing has stumped me yet hahaha

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updated with pre-alpha for community


This is a really cool project!

I reckon if I could get my HTML5 Canvas viewer to a point where it’s easy to use and doesn’t wreck your bandwidth loading in characters, this would be a pretty cool thing to implement (and would cut away the dependency of the Unity Web Player and browser support limitations), especially if you could then export your settings for use elsewhere.

That highly ambitious project is however on hold for the moment until I can clear out some games that have all decided to release at the same time (:expressionless:). Being someone who doesn’t like to leave a game sitting at 95% completion…That’s going to take me a little while. :stuck_out_tongue:

Updated 4/15 with new characters and spec

Windows release