Relic Entertainment 18th anniversary!

Today, a significant date - the birthday of Relic Entertainment. 18 is a long time, few studios live for so many years, and this period is considered to be a new stage of life, when you become an adult, so that to young ambitious Canadian studio is just only the beginning. During this time, these talented developers created dozens of interesting and innovative rts games. So let’s congratulate them. Happy Birthday 18th Anniversary Relic! Relic Entertainment I wish you all the best, the best programmers and artists, the best writers, the best managers, happiness and good luck. Thank you for your masterpieces Many happy returns! Thank you very much for the greatest rts games. I like you. And I wish you make with Gearbox Software and Blackbird Interactive Homeworld 3.

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Homeworld3.RU: The Homeworld Russian fan-site congratulate Relic with 18th anniversary! We wish you all the best! We must say you thank you! P.S. Relic, please, make Homeworld 3! :birthday:

You should do it on relicnews. This feels rude towards Gearbox.

Nah, Gearbox and the former Relic are pretty good buddies now from what I can tell - collaborators more than competitors.

EDIT: Wow, somehow the age of this thread escaped me.

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