Relic for leveling?

Which relic should I use while leveling up my axton? I stick mainly to explosive weapons (because it’s easier to just grab what’s on hand than spend a lot of time grinding for specifics as I level). I’ve been using the relic you start with (+5% rate drop rate), butt the more I think about it, the more I think it’s a wasted slot…

For leveling characters I like to use the experience relic.

It’s called Moxxi’s Endowment, and it’s a side-quest reward for the mission, “The Good, the Bad, and the Mordecai”. That’s also the one that unlocks the NPCs that drop the Lyuda and Shreddifier. The quest becomes available after doing the WEP story mission.

They unlock the Lyuda, a legendary sniper rifle, and the Veruc, a legendary assault rifle. Been a while since you farmed them, eh? :wink:

I’ve always used various things, whatever I can get my hands on really. Sometimes damage relics, sometimes cooldown rate ones. Never really thought about using the XP relic, that might be kind of useful.

Once I acquire some Bone’s though, I just use those.

Just about anything would be better than the vault hunter relic: an explosive relic, cooldown relic, or even an allegiance relic that boosts your main gun.

The vault hunter relic only boosts green drops as I recall it, so pretty much any relic will be better. Moxxi’s Endowment gves you a small buff on XP that you gain from killing enemies, but considering that the game has a mechanic that gives you less XP if you are overleveled, kinda excludes that one too.

A cooldown relic is always a good choice as well as an explosive one. Something to buff your shield or a specific gun type will also work well. Sheriff’s badge and Deputy’s badge are also great.

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Yeah. It decreases the chance for a white and increases the chance for a green. I only use it until I find something better.

It does technically increase the chance of a blue or purple, but the %chance change is so miniscule that in practice the result is indistinguishable.

Hey, not my fault I was posting from memory on a lack of coffee! And, to be fair, I’ve only ever found the Lyuda from those guys. Which I’m actually fine with.

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Wow thanks for the advice guys, I have a cooldown relic sitting in my vault from (successfully, finally!) farming bnk3r for that sweet sweet space helmet. I’ll switch to that asap then pickup a torgue loyalty relic as 3 of my 4 guns are torgue. TORGUE (sorry I just had to shout it!)

I think the general consensus is that an Explosive damage relic is a better choice but a Torgue Allegiance will still be fine.

It’s not for most guns. Firerate+mag size is amazing of a lot of them.