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Is anyone here from the old Relic forums?
I’m trying to get HWSE 1.34 and 1.39 to run on win7 with WinXP virtual machine. I was able to get HWSE 1.41 to run on Virtual Machine, which works fine for PEO and MEX editing but it saves MAD files wrong. This was always a problem with 1.41 and that’s why I kept 1.34 and 1.39 but they don’t want to run at all. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Ah, good ol’ HWSE!

This link has 2 versions on HWSE 1.41 in the ZIP. maybe try the 1.41.02 version?

I’ve tried 3 different versions and none save correctly.
Does anyone know how to manually edit a HW1 MAD file? Or maybe look at it and tell me where the file is bad? HWSE does not save mads correctly. The open anims work but the close anims are flawed… or, the open anims are broke and the close anims are flawed. Both will not work together for some reason. If I knew where they were bad I could fix them. I’m attempting to finish a 19 year old project called T vs K (Turanic vs Kadesh). I never released a finished mod… Guess I need closure :wink:

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There’s a copy of HWSE 2.02 laying around, might do the trick, see the pack here:

Inside there’s also a mad editor for HW2 files, maybe the format didn’t change too much since HW1.

There’s some documentation that refers to the same mechanism used since then, maybe looking at the file with an HEX editor will do? Use this as reference:

Btw you made that Turanic VS Kadesh mod??? I loved it, still playing HW from time to time with some of those ships, my profile pic is that mod’s heavy cruiser… indeed I find references to “Charvell” in the .shp files :wink:

The MAD format definitely changed between HW1 and HW2.

HWSE 2 is for HW2.

I’ll do some more digging around for HSWE.

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I’ve got 1.34, 1.39. 1.41
1.41 works but doesn’t save mads correctly which is why I kept the previous versions. Unfortunately the previous versions don’t run on my PC. Win 7 running in XP virtual mode.

Would anyone know what I could open the MAD file with and see the numbers so I can manually change the key frames? Hexedit does not work. My mads work but for whatever reason HWSE keeps bumping my entry numbers on the close (last) anim. The close anim is set from 10.03333 to 20.03333. I set the last keyframe to 20.03333 and save. Open the MAD again and the numbers bounce back to 19. But not on all the objects. Only on 2 of them, which screws up the mad. The MAD is not too long or overly complex.

I’ll see if I can throw together a MAD editor for you. Give me a bit.


Woah! Really? That’s just too cool :+1:

Haven’t heard anything. Did you change your mind? Just inquiring.
I understand either way.

What about this?

@herbyguitar still working on it. I’m almost done.

@Dom2 that’s for HW2, not HW1. The file format changed.

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Do you have any idea if you will finish the editor? It’s been quite a long time. Have you changed your mind about finishing it?

Here a different version of HWSE:

Not sure if it even works, don’t have time for trying with virtual machine today. Night :wink:

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I have 134, 139, 141. 141 is the only working editor but it has glitches. Some files it does flawlessly and others it cuts off the end of some entries.