RelicNews Forum Posts Collection

Of late I have been reading and then downloading (as single, compiled HTML files) all of the RelicNews Forum posts as provided on The Internet Archive WayBackMachine. As I am approaching the 2000th thread (out of 7455 archived) I realized that this incredible fount of Homeworld 1 and Homeworld 2 knowledge and experience might be of interest to my fellow modders here on the GBX HWRM Forums.

As downloaded HTML files the RelicNews Forums are easily searchable by keyword or phrase.

Each of the below links contains 250 threads (sorted by date - latest first) from The RelicNews Forums, Tanis Shipyard Modding Forum: - - 08.15.2014 - 07.07.2012 - 151 MB - - 07.07.2012 - 07.08.2011 - 139 MB

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OMG yes plz.


Where might I post these zip-files? Who is in charge of Karosgraveyard, do you know?

I am also wondering about zip-file size and appropriate limitations thereof.

Try here: KarosGraveyard/Resource at master · HWRM/KarosGraveyard · GitHub

I see that you are a contributor. I only recently joined GitHub and have put off using it for my HW2 modding efforts so… in order to learn to use GitHub most effectively I will create a repository and upload the files there.

Unfortunately, I have heretofore downloaded the RelicNews Forum pages directly, hence they currently exist upon my machine in the order of their page names as opposed to their date of creation. I will seek to rectify this so that they may be downloaded by year.

I would welcome it if the KarosGraveyard@GitHub either linked to or cloned my repository once I have made enough progress to make it worthwhile.

I noticed that there is already a link to my collection of tools (e.g. gilligan_f’s HW1/HW2/HWRM Tool Collection - [rather unfortunately named]). I also have a collection of over 170 HW, HW2 and HWRM Mods.


I could use some advice here:

I attempted to upload a file (195MB) to the repository containing only the RelicNews Forum files with the title starting with the letter “A” and found that I am limited to 25MB per file. 25MB is about 20 compiled HTML files or 0.7788% of what I have as yet acquired. I had thought of limiting the zipped files to around 250MB.

So, it is obvious that I need to find a place to host these files.

Do you have a google drive you could upload them to? I could grab them from there and break out the text into useable formatted articles for the wiki.


I do have a Dropbox account. Any difficulty using that?

That will work too

Well, I figure that the most practical way to organize the Forum pages is chronologically. This will entail downloading them (again) and then numbering them. This will take some time. I wish that I had noticed my mistake some time ago.

I will upload them and notify you once I have the first thousand.

OK. First Zipfile of 250 threads available above.


Second installation of 250 threads available above.