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As some of you may be aware, the long-serving relicnews forums will be closing at the end of January:

It is sad, but kind of predictable. Anyway, aside from sentamentalism, is there anything that we should be doing as a HW modding community to retrieve some of the tutorials and other useful things there before it is too late? Does anyone know of any archiving plans for relicnews homeworld topics?


That’s a really good question ! A good part of those tutorials are still relevant/really handy

Feel free to copy paste the tuts and create sub-pages to this one and index them here:

Wow! Sad to see it go!

That’s an unfortunate news

anything that resides in the domain will be affected, **including the Shipyards.

The original host of Shipyards is still safe,


Anyone have contact info for any of these people? There may be a much better alternative than random people having to host this stuff (and worry about the loss of hosting)…


I’ll ask.

Edit: I made a post, hopefully either way we’ll get a response! :slight_smile:

I’ve reached out to - hopefully they still check it :wink:



Hi there, I’m novaburn over there on RN. I’m one of the last admins along with Akranadas running the place and managing the remaining duties. I pay for the hosting currently which is on a dedicated VM presently. You can reach me via PM here, or on Relicnews, or via email and we can talk about the situation over at RN . The is controlled by former admins or staff that aren’t active the forum any more really to my knowledge and not accessible by me or Krandy.

We are working on plans to hopefully move the place to a read only archive mode to maintain historical preservation of the forums and main website. Otherwise the place will just shut down at the end of the month until such a time when we figure it out.



Thanks Nova!

Might be worth pointing out that anyone seeking independent hosting can hook up with me anytime, as they have been able to, and some have done, since 2003. My sites and resources are not affected by this, but I may of course make an effort to update and expand on content, plus edit a lot of incoming dead links… :expressionless:

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I have seen forums/wikis disappear from one day to the next after switching to “independent” hosting. I think using Wikia may still be the best long term solution as the OP suggested. Especially since they have people on staff to deal with spambots and the like. (This is the #1 reason private wikis/forums go dead.)


Also, IIRC on Wikipedia the editors found some way to tell or request to “capture” a webpage on demand, but I don’t know how they do it.


Here’s a list of useful tutorial links I made on the old HW2 wiki:

A lot of them probably are outdated and no longer apply to HWRM.


Sorry, will never use Wikia or a “multi-host-site” environment similar to that.

  • have server, or host, depending
  • select a base engine (Wiki, Drupal, Piwigo, Wordpress…etc) for the site
  • build the site framework and mod the engine as needed
  • document all code changes
  • make some kind of content related graphical solution, usually as a sub project with help
  • add content
  • keep on the look out for security patches to the engine
  • no ads, never
  • etc stuff that you can do when you are 100% in control. Not 99, 100.

If you consider my approach more work and less “out-of-the-box” than Wikia, you are right, but the site can be moved around, it has no ads, it will be properly backed up, the solutions and layout selections are endless (only limited by the “engine”), you have direct access to files for changes, you have direct access to database for that (if needed) and I can secure it way past the options of those other solutions.

I would love to keep working on my sites, but I need a team. Like the Wiki I have tried to work in, but I will not just copy-paste what other sites have, and thus I am limited to figure out my own stuff which is a challenge when so much has been posted in so many places.

Also I have taken to use Project Engines to a certain extent that I have available, where one can track and follow and discuss everything related. Sure a forum will do nicely, but it seems over the top to implement a forum on a site that will not have use for it, so I keep it separate.

(and these days it feels nice to have zero hosting in US or NATO countries… for what it’s worth)

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So what happened in the end? I can’t find relicnews forum archived anywhere :frowning:

If you have a link to a relicnews topic, you can use the Wayback Machine.

RelicNews (Wayback Machine)

I have done this a few times, but often you only get the first page of a thread. The links to page 2, page 3, etc. often don’t function.

One of the many flaws with online archives :frowning:
I’m wondering if @novaburn has kept a backup of relicnews. I’ve messaged them, but ain’t getting my hopes up that they have a backup.

I hope they backed up file/image attachments too.

Hi, there I saw the ping.

Just to alleviate anyone’s concerns that the entire site was lost to the end of time. There is a backup/archive of the entire RN virtual machine that was hosting the forums, the Shipyards, and the main Relicnews frontpage itself. A few of us who were maintaining the server and site before the shutdown have a copy. However, we do not have any immediate plans to host an archive version of the site anywhere at this time.

Given how old and out of date all the forum software, SQL backend, PHP and numerous other pieces of the site are, we would not feel comfortable bringing it back up in its current state without doing an entire security re-work up, clean up, and update of all the software. Even then, the costs of hosting are going to be the same regardless if we had kept the site active or in some sort of read-only archive mode.

And since I know someone will ask; no we are not making the backup available to any random person who asks if they can have it to host. There are various security and privacy concerns that prevent me from doing so. And also no I cannot pull out individual page/forum posts from the archive either.

Sorry, I know it is not what you would like to hear.