Relics Falling Through Floor by Sanctuary Bank

I don’t know if anyone can help me. I’m a huge bl3 fan and have been grinding so hard for my Beastmaster build. So many hours building up my relic collection.

I was organizing my relics for my weapon builds, and placed every single hard earned relic I had on the ground as I always do (group of fav/best) and when I went to pick them all up again they were gone. It seemed as though they fell through the floor, so I tried to get there but it’s like they fell through floor. I’m devastated. I don’t even know if I have it in me to grind for them again. I’m beside myself in disbelief. I tried to reload hoping maybe they’d be in my lost items location, but no.

Is there any way to get them back, I’m almost ready to give up on this game.

This is brutal guys. I’m so bummed out.

The only “known good” location to drop items you may want to keep are the tables in Sanctuary. There is no guarantee they will in fact work, but I’ve yet to have them fail. Any item you throw out of your inventory is considered discarded by the game and it is possible you will never see it again.

You can submit a ticket to 2K. They either can not or will not replace gear, but you may receive some golden keys as compensation. (My personal experience when I lost some gear through the floor of Sanctuary while trying to show it to another player.)

I was also blessed with a few people on the forums who were also on Xbox that were kind enough to send me a shield and an artifact so I could at least get my Moze deathless build running again.

What platform are you on?

It’s not just artifacts that can fall through, it’s anything.

You are better off making a new character, starting at one of the DLC’s, giving yourself a bunch of level 57 rocket launchers to sell to get some extra backpack space, then have them hold the items you want to sort.

Alternatively you could just put everything in the vault to clear out your backpack, then take out every relic you can. Go through and any you DEFINITELY want to keep mark as favorite and any you DEFINITELY want to trash mark as junk. After you do 50 items, go sell the junk, take out some more items, and put the favorites back in the vault. After a few passes (depending on how many you have to sort) you will eventually have sold all the junk stuff, have all the best stuff in the vault, then have all the maybe stuff in your backpack which you can then do one final sort on them.

Also if you are interested, I made a very detailed Borderlands 3 Gear Tracker for MS Excel. You can download it there, just clear out all my stuff. It will help you organize stuff and you can mark stuff as special or trash without even having the game open. Then go back and clear out the trash stuff. Just note that there are drop downs and conditional formating in places. For example, you can mark stuff as special or trash by just putting an s or t in the ID column. If you use it and have any questions just PM me here. I update it regularly with new features.

Why? Do you want to swim through your treasure like Scrooge McDuck or something?

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And what does it matter if they do? We shouldn’t lose gear through floors. It’s a day one issue. It still happens. That’s not a player’s fault, it’s a coding problem.

Falling through solid objects is a relatively common problem in games in general. Why invite disaster by engaging in pointless, odd behaviour?

I’ve been playing video games since before 1981, it is not in my experience “common”.

Why would you blame someone for an unfortunate and undesirable outcome? That’s both mean and a bit small-minded. It looks a lot like you are insinuating they are responsible for this. That’s not helpful for anyone.

It admittedly wasn’t common on Pong Machines. But it’s happened to me in Diablo 3, the two most recent Wolfenstein games, every Bethesda game ever, Lego games, Forza Horizon, Assassin’s Creed games, Sonic the Hedgehog games, Super Mario Bros, Castlevania games,and numerous MMORPGs just to name a few.

If someone lost hours of progress in a save anywhere game because the game crashed (will you also claim crashing is shockingly rare?), I would also question why they didn’t have multiple saves. It’s not their fault, but the loss was easily preventable. Moreover, in this particular case it comes across as suspect - I arbitrarily threw all my stuff on the ground and it disappeared please help me recover it. I think “why would you do that?” is a perfectly reasonable question.

On the Xbox we can’t have “multiple save files”. (I’m not going to argue issues with any Bethesda game, ever… way with you on this.)

Sometimes it’s how a “reasonable question” is asked.

My reply to them was based around the knowledge that even if it seemed suspect, 2K fronts all tickets, no gear is ever replaced. You may receive golden keys. Golden keys are exceptionally unlikely to replace anything you lost with anything usable. If individuals were generous enough to freely offer donations to help another player it is at their discretion.

I’ve personally been the victim of violent crime. I’ve had people try to blame me for two men deciding to rob and shoot me. (It was on a weekend outside my bedroom window in a highly trafficked parking lot at an apartment complex that had only one mugging in a back parking lot late at night in about 8 years. I know, it had been my job to help process and sort those reports for the apartment complex.) This I not that sort of situation, but it made clear to me on a personal level it’s wrong to blame victims. I try not too.

It looked to me like your question was stated in an unreasonable way. It seemed accusatory. I feel it could have been more constructive. If their claim is legit it could leave them feeling frustrated. It frustrates me when I am told I am somehow to blame for a situation not of my creation.

If they lost gear through the floor that’s on Gearbox, it’s Gearbox’s code. They provide no warning that due to poor coding players may lose valuable gear, and never expressly mention the floor in Sanctuary (or any other place) as specifically dangerous. I don’t think it is unreasonable (except if you play games by Bethesda) to expect a game to actually work in expected ways, like things not falling through floors. We both know that isn’t how it always works, but it is reasonable and customary to expect they do function appropriately.

I think I expressed my concerns pretty clearly and there’s no point in me adding anything further to this explanation. I’m going to try to leave it as is. :slight_smile:

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Appreciate the feedback guys. At the time I was devastated but I had a sneaking suspicion they were lost. Poof…hours on hours of grinding. Hahaha I love this game too much to turn back. Gives me a good excuse to finally use that mission reset feature via TVM.

Platform was PS4.
It would be nice to have that corrected. And yes, I love basking in those golden beams of light. Lol

The biggest loss of all was the damage stacking relic clap trap gives you towards the end of the game. Not sure that it drops randomly or not but whatevs.

If you’ll excuse me, need to throw on some Bleeding From Within and rip some bl3!

Say hello to my little fish! Lol
Happy farming and social distancing! :wink: Be safe, rip bl3!

Ps another take down would be wild! I’d pay for that s#$&!

You’ve only been playing games a little longer than I have and I will disagree with you here. For like, old SNES games and stuff yea, never a problem. But pretty much every 3D game I’ve ever played has some kind of collision issue. Borderlands in particular has always had a history of items potentially falling through the floor, hence why they added the lost loot machine. So it’s not unreasonable for @jgartenbenz to ask “why would you do this knowing it could possibly fall through the floor?” It’s the reason why I either trade or mail stuff to friends instead of dropping it (well I drop stuff but when I do it’s usually trashy stuff I’m pretty sure they don’t want). He’s not blaming them just kind of confused why you would take such a risk.

Because I play on Xbox and there is no option for multiple saves. If your save gets corrupted there is nothing you can do. On 360 you could make a backup copy of your save, but Xbox One does cloud saves and there is 0 option to back it up.

Actually that’s all cartoon nonsense. If you had a room full of pennies and dive into it you’d break your neck. You wouldn’t be able to swim in it, and if you managed to dig down about a foot you’d become immobile and get crushed to death (or suffocate). Family Guy did a funny joke about this actually.

Also you can’t swim in Borderlands.

Also also I’ve actually sort of done this, after true takedown I collect all the legendaries that dropped along the way and then made a giant pile after beating Wotan along with my 3 other friends. It was all junk stuff we didn’t want, but it was A LOT. There are at least 100 legendaries there.

I wouldn’t consider this a save anywhere game. I was making a call to sensible gamer habits there. Declaiming madly from my soapbox. Probably waving a flyer or something. Best to avoid eye contact.

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My understanding is Gearbox added the lost loot machine because things could and did fall off maps and could not be retrieved. I personally had that happen in Borderlands 1 and 2. I’ve had few instances of loot or other objects falling through floors in games, certainly not as prevalent as it has been in Borderlands 3. Your experience may of course differ, I can only comment on mine.

A rereading might be in order, I never said it was unreasonable. I believe the question could be interpreted as dismissive. I offered the observation it was unhelpful. It has been my experience personally that being kind and helpful seem “a guiding principle” for interaction on the forums. The question to me did not seem to comply with that idea. If I misunderstood them, I offer an apology.

To the best of my understanding, the Peral of Ineffable Knowledge is a one time quest reward. You can get another by either resetting the game and doing the DLC again or completing it with another character. You could, of course, obtain one from another player willing to part with one. I hope you have fewer issues going forward! :slight_smile:

*Makes eye contact.* “Hey, wanna go swim through a pile of pennies?” :astonished:

The thing is lost loot doesn’t pick up stuff you drop. It basically picks up whatever you don’t pick up (whether it’s off the map or not) and then prioritizes items based on rarity, then on recency. It can only hold 13 items, so if you run through an area and get 6 blues, 6 purples, and 6 legendaries, it’s going to collect all the legendary and purples then spit out the blue that most recently dropped. It’s a bit unfortunate that the system can’t work for instances like what happened with the OP, but if it didn’t work that way then you wouldn’t be able to secure stuff that actually fell off the level. If you see a star on the map off the level, just pick up everything that drops from that point forward until you go back to lost loot. Either way there would be issues. Either you end up potentially losing something you dropped, or you can’t control what comes out of the machine if something is unreachable.

I do think they need to let us increase the number of lost loot items through SDU’s to like 25 or something. We also need to have options for custom filters so that you can say “only legendaries” or “only snipers” that kind of stuff to have more control and not be as required to pick up stuff to control it yourself.

Another issue is that the game auto-saves constantly. It was put in to prevent duping where you drop the item and dashboard, thus not saving that you dropped the item, but it creates the problem the OP had where if you drop something and it disappears then you are just SOL. Before he would have been able to just dashboard/close the game, reload and get his stuff back. Now you can’t do that. It kinda sucks honestly, especially since duping is still a thing by other means it’s like, what’s the point of changing the game like this if it can still be done?

I agree with you on all these points. I don’t want to discuss “duping” as it seems to be frowned upon on the forums. I did notice that Gearbox seems recently to have changed how the game handles these issues on the Xbox, and I think it is an unfortunate choice. About a week ago I experienced a crash and when I relaunched the game a large yellow/orange bar progressed across the screen before Claptrap started dancing and the result seemed to “roll back” a session, and not in a helpful way. I lost the last three SDU upgrades I had purchased before the crash. Fortunately, I discovered I still had the money and was able to rebuy them. The experience felt less than friendly, and petty.

I have left other games in the past that had problems with lost items that provided no safety net for players. I always championed Gearbox as being “the good guy” for erring on the side of players and not penalizing them for unfortunate results caused by poor coding as other companies have. Unless they start replacing gear people have lost to the game, I feel the change I observed is unreasonable and biased as we on the Xbox can not simply manage our saves as others can.

If Gearbox becomes too aggressive with their methods and prevents reasonable attempts to preserve hard-earned gear, I will permanently part ways with them. (I’ve lost needed gear through the floor too.) I hope I simply misinterpreted what I saw.

The ugly Claptrap progress bar just seems to be the new standard since the most recent patch. I start bashing my head against the wall every time Claptrap dances across the screen so I didn’t notice until my friend pointed it out. Now I can’t unnotice it. So I’m assuming it’s a health and safety feature.

I had not previously experienced any “lost progress”. My interpretation of what I experienced may be erroneous, but it felt “hostile”. I am unclear as to what it does for certain. It looked like it might be intended to prevent a situation Fox describes. It was the only conclusion that made sense to me. I also don’t recall seeing it in any patch notes. Gearbox has so far made several undocumented changes to Borderlands 3 that were not in players favor. Lack of disclosure or failure to document makes me less than trusting of observed changes.

Yea I don’t wanna talk about duping, just making the point that when they fixed duping they inadvertently created the exact issue the OP had, as he could have avoided losing his items by dashboarding. And I don’t agree with them fixing it mainly because there are still other methods to dupe so it’s like, you didn’t fix the problem you sought out to fix, you just made more problems for people the the OP.

@jgartenbenz I like the new loading bar for the Claptrap dance. I hated that I never knew how much the game had loaded and sometimes it felt like AGES. Now it feels way faster because I can see progress though it could also be optimization.

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