Reload issues.Do you have them?

I often find that even though I completed the reload animation in a situation like: autoshoot - use priority target - reload - use overshield -autoshoot the last autoshoot doesn’t happen because I have to reload again.

I think either the animation isn’t in-sync with actual reload time leading to reload interruptions due to using skills or the game simply doesn’t acknowledge the reload from time to time.

Anyone else notice it or is it just me?

I noticed there was something off about it, but I couldn’t figure it out.

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Ok,so it might just be that I’m not imagining this. Gotta test it some,maybe I’ll record a few games just to be sure so I can post it in the bug section.

You can easily cancel her reload with any other skill or action. Need to make sure it completes.

I encountered this a lot in the CTT where I played a lot of Reyna. I guessed they haven’t changed it.

A lot of games give you some amount of grace period where the reload animation hasn’t completely finished but if you switch weapons or use an ability it will count as if you finished the reload. Maybe we’ve got a bit used to that or maybe the reload time is fractionally longer than feels right.

this is suspect,I didn’t have the issue when I took some faster reload gear.