Reload speed items on non-ammunition based Battleborn

So if there is Reload speed gear equipped on a Battleborn based on charge up, like Toby, or cooldown like Montana does it charge up faster, or in Montana’s case cooldown faster?

I highly doubt it, since they don’t have an actual reload animation.

I tried some reload speed equipment on Montana a couple times and it felt like the heat would disappear faster, but it couple have been my imagination.

I know for a fact that Vyn’s Quiver does nothing for Toby, and that’s one of the higher reload speed gear pieces. I don’t think Gearbox put a lot of forethought into gear, seeing as things like pre-nerf Alamo Armour (which grants 5 seconds of damage invulnerability when you drop under 10% health) could be allowed in PVP. There’s also that Eldrid-Talon-thing, which is only really feasible on Benedict and Caldarius. I believe it gives bonus damage. Combined with Bemny’s in-air rocket hit -1 skill cooldown bonus that he gets from his “air mail” legendary, he is an absolute BEAST. When you get the shards…