Reload speed vs attack speed

I’m not really a numbers guy in this game so I’d love to know which level 7 augment is best for overall DPS on Ernest.

I typically run reload, attack speed and attack damage gear, so I’m already buffing those stats, but I’m basically just flipping a coin once I reach level 7 atm.

I take the damage boost at lvl 2 on the egg over the reload speed, which I believe is better for overall DPS (especially since I normally run Symbiotic Gauntlet as well) and try to achieve up to 30% reload on my gear.

So if anyone knows which is superior b/w 15% attack speed and 25% reload speed for DPS please enlighten me!

EDIT: I also run the 6 nade mag over the 8 to get more damage on my bounce and bank shots, in tandem with the marking helix for 15% damage buff on consecutive direct hits.

It depends really. If the enemy team has more slow/fat characters, go with attack speed. If they have more fast/small characters, go with reload speed. You might also be able to go without the reload speed if you chose Never stop shooting.

I’m talking more in strict DPS terms, assuming continued fire connecting on a target ala testing damage at the target range in Borderlands.

Obviously there are a lot of variables from game to game, I just wanted to know the strict numbers if anyone had them.

Once his information is added to the battle born bible I can do the math for you no problem

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I usually go with the Reload because once you hold down fire and run out of grenades, and keep holding down fire, you will reload 2 grenades only, then reload right after the 2 grenades have been fired. So in that scenario the faster you keep reloading those 2 grenades, the better, I think…

I really wish it would reload the whole launcher before continuing to fire and had a slightly better base reload.

It takes patience but it’s far better to wait for the entire clip to reload before you continue firing (unless you have someone down to 1 shot in close range), especially when you have some attack speed buffs in play.

Considering the time it takes to reload compared to the potential attack speed of firing 6 grenades instead of 2 it seems like a big DPS boost to wait until the clip is full and empty it again rather than go through the animation repeatedly.

You’re not getting much benefit from your egg’s attack speed buffs either if you only shoot 2 nades at a time.

It also keeps his burst potential very high.

I’m leaning toward the 25% reload speed buff being the better choice based on the burst damage output with a full clip, and the fact that the attack speed is already more than reasonably with attack egg up + gear, so I think I’ll run that for the time being.

Attack speed, although I choose never stop shooting


As OscarMike I usually forego the reload for attack speed and recoil reduction.

My general feeling on this matter across characters is that putting as much damage in a burst as you can before the enemy can react is generally superior to sustained attacks in most cases.

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Reload speed for DPS.
Attack speed for Burst.

Basically how i think for any character.