Reload speed with thorn based on testing with montana

so since reload sped is useful to montana(really weird) will it actually do something with thorn?

How is it useful for Montana? :confused:


tell us. I never even considered reload speed on montana

IIRC @lowlines found that Montana is somehow affected by reload speed, but ultimately no one found out how exactly. (I always assumed it might have a minor effect on Minigun Cooldown Rate, but I rarely play Montana so I never came to test it.)

And as far as I can tell, Thorn isn’t affected by reload speed at all.

It heats up the minigun faster according to Reddit.

appearently it lowers his minigun cooldown time

No. I tried this long ago after learning that attack speed surprisingly yet not surprisingly increases her, well, attack speed. I wondered if reload speed might have a similar effect, but it does not.

oh :frowning:

huh. gonna have to try that if i ever decide to play Montana again. it seems kinda useless since you can just take to augment that lets you shoot while you overheat but i guess its still cool

yea but if you do that and have - reload speed and his legendary hed be insane

As far as I know, thorn is unaffected by reload and attack speed

Attack speed will increase her draw speed, not cursed arrow charge time but the time it takes to nock and draw another arrow between shots, most noticeable if you like to spam arrows rather than charge them but probably not worth the item slot.