Remapping emotes .. wanting to play with the arrow keys

I just got the game for PC with the season pass . Got on tried to us the arrow keys and found out its something wrong with the emotes … why is this even a thing i could under stand on console but on PC why would i need to not unbind a key !!!

Do you mean to say “Why are certain keys permanently bound to certain functions?”

While Gearbox has done a fairly good job making Borderlands games run well on PCs, they have long been a “console focused” company (despite having done a lot of work on PC games). I think they really need to increase their understanding of what’s “normal and expected” in the PC gaming space. We expect to be able to map our keys (or mouse buttons) to whatever we want. We expect to be able to close a menu with the same key we opened it. We expect to use “ESC” to get out of menus and not “TAB”. We expect to be able to go to any menu with one key press, not have to open a menu to go to a selection of menus. Anything short of these abilities feels lacking to the long-time PC gamer.

These things aren’t critical by any means, they are minor irritations (at least to me), but it would be nice to have a better PC-oriented implementation in Borderlands games. :slight_smile:


And all those things were in place in Borderlands 3 and The Presequel, so it’s mesmerizing that the company the list as working with menus did not implement these features.

It’s not this game only that hardbound keys without ways to rebind them (sometimes it’s even so bad that games only works with QWERTY)

I was trying to say emotes are bound to arrow keys and no way to unbind them .

That’s odd.
I bound my character and vehicle movement keys to the arrow keys then bound the emotes to WASZ because that’s how I like to play.
Although very occasionally if I join certain other players games, vehicle movement becomes emotive, so I have to run.

@bluser and where did you put jump, grenade, ability, interact, crouch, modeswitch, ping and reload?

You can remap them… I am left handed… You have to bind the Emotes away from the arrow keys. Bind them to wasd or number pad (I have never used the emotes so always bind them to wasd).

You can then bind the arrow keys to movement.

You cannot prevent having to use the E key to transition when in a vehicle, in case that is also causing you greif.

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The important ones are on the mouse, extra buttons under the thumb. Some others on the keyboard next to the arrow keys where my pinky finger selects them. Interact is the shift key.

thx, thought this is a good plan B

I don’t really use emotes, but I know I moved the key to bring the up…

I remap the movement and main functions to my numpad. I have a separate USB one on my left hand so if these mappings don’t seem sensible, keep in mind I don’t use QWERTY for movement or my number row for anything of consequence. I rebound some mouse buttons using Q and E with that in mind.

At one point I mapped Numlock and assigned dependent submenu options to the secondary functions of the numpad keys.