Remaster BL1 for xbone and ps4!

you know it would be great

most important improvement - allowing you to customise controls like with BL sequels

I’d love to see the original remastered in the BL2/TPS engine, with FOV slider on console. I’d pay full price for that, because it’s hard to go back to BL1 now because of how dull and drab it looks and the lack of FOV.

The look of the game is a stylistic choice - changing the engine won’t affect it much, or at least not in that way. BL1 had a very arid, wasteland-y feel to it. I’m all aboard for an FOV slider, though, having to make custom binds in the .ini files is annoying.

True, but it’ll make the game seem like worth playing. The original now just feels like a clunky mess.

I beg to differ. Could you explain why you think so?

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It seems this topic raises its head every other month or so and yet no mention anywhere if it’s a possibility.

I for one align myself with the quote above, BL 1 had that Madmax wasteland feel and should remain as such.

GBX certainly shouldn’t change the look and feel of the game, although if they ever did to a remaster there are some minor fixes that most agree should be included (see any of the other similar threads for details.)

I’ve actually become more doubtful that a remaster will happen since we now have BL1 on XB1 via backwards compatibility. That just leaves PS4 (who admittedly have the larger share of the console market).

If a remaster were to happen, then either this Fall (5th BL2 anniversary) or just ahead of the release of BL3 would be good times to do it.

Gearbox are like most companies in that they want to make as much money with as little effort as possible. That’s just logical. Now it would be down to how much a remaster would cost them vs. how much they could make on it. I’d certainly buy it, so that’s why most companies these days are bringing out remasters. That and they have no new ideas. I’d rather they spend their time on BL3 for now. Maybe after that, a BL1 remaster as a digital only purchase on consoles (cheaper for the company, could therefore be a better starting price to lure in new players).

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OK. I see no one echoed my strong feelings on being able to customise controls exactly as you want them, an idea brought in with BL2.

I’ve found that option to be somewhat buggy in BL2 and TPS, at least on 360. For example, I switched RB, RS-click, and B around to make melee easier with Zer0. However, the secondary and tertiary actions associated with those didn’t get remapped, they simply got cancelled out. So certain vehicle actions became impossible to perform with the modified scheme. So, customized controls would be great, but only if they fixed the existing bugs in the implementation!

Nah, i bet they would still charge the full 60 they love so much, even if it was digital only.

Im honestly pretty interested to see how borderlands 3’s story compares to the original. Apparently Mikey Neumann, who was responsible for the story and atmosphere of borderlands 1, will be writing the story for borderlands 3. I feel the main reason people say borderlands 1 didnt have much of a story was because the quest dialouge that would have been voice acted in later games was written in the mission description. The second game had the characters actually voice the mission descriptions, while the written one was more secondary with some jokes thrown in. Mikey Neumann wont be able to undo the damage Anthony Burch did to the consistency of the plot, but im hoping it will be more in line with the feel of borderlands 1, but with a production value better than the pre sequel, or battleborn. Mainly im just hoping he cares about the consistency of the story more than Anthony Burch, who didnt even play the first game before writing the story.

And another thing. To people who say things like “borderlands isnt about the story, its mainly about the guns, stop thinking about the story so hard and enjoy the gameplay.” who would it hurt if borderlands had a consistent story? Im not saying borderlands should get all lore crazy, or take itself too seriously to create the signature humor. I just dont like running into plotholes every 5 minutes like in borderlands 2 and the pre sequel. Video games are all about immersion, and that immersion breaks for me exactly where care stops being put into the story being told.

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As long as Mikey confirms that the midgets were the first to discover eridium as in purple juice I’ll be happy lol.