Remaster Coming?

Spotted this video on youtube. Now the youtuber in question is uh… an interesting character, who i’m not a particular fan of. Nonetheless, here’s the video. Viewer discretion advised (he has a habit of being a bit sweary and i’ve not watched it all yet).

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One of the few whose videos I only watch with the sound muted… :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, MAK and Matto both reported on this. I like Borderlands well enough, but it definitely is a slow burn pace wise. Because of that, and the cruelty of FFYL in that game, I have accepted the fact that I don’t want a BL1 as much as I would like to play the Borderlands 1 Maps & Vault Hunters in the BL2 version of the game engine.

I like the weapon system just fine, but prefer every menu and build interface on BL2 and how their information is displayed. Every other improvement I could mention is something everyone who has ever spoke on the topic has already said ad nauseam.

If the remaster is for FOV, & higher resolutions, I would be ultra-underwhelmed.


What would a BL remaster mean on PC, exactly?

Simple changes that could be made that would make it worth it to me:

#1: Fast Travel to DLC maps.
#2: Fixing class mods with broken or duplicate skills.
#3: Character skill trees accurately reflecting the actual values of the skills.
#4: Fixing any bugged skills like Brick’s Recoil Reduction on Rapid Reload.

With those four I would definitely get it. One that may be trickier to implement, but is desirable, would be a third playthrough at the level cap. It would be great to be able to play through the story again when you have assembled all of your endgame gear.


Just fixing all the bugs in this game would be great…the mess they made of hyperion…the name bugs…( draco…executioner…plauge) also I think it would be cool to have a traditional difficulty slider. With a game based on a bunch of math and percentages it seems like that would be a no brainer. I don’t want to have to go shieldless or use green weapons to have a tough fight.

Hm? Which mess? We talking the bugs with the Bitch, Executioner, and Reaper?


Yes that. And make the damn nidhogg rockets fly down and not back in my face.

Yeah, fixing the names of some legendary weapons (ie: Plague), and the rarity of others (ie: Penetrator) would also be very welcome.

Basically, fix the bugs regarding weapons and skills, update the skill trees to reflect the actual benefits granted by skills, and add Fast Travel stations to the DLCs. The first game would have had the Fast Travel stations, but Sony/Microsoft did not allow it to happen.

They just do that and I am buying it with zero hesitation. Given most of that is stuff that should have been fixed in a final patch, or that they wanted to do but were prevented from doing, it would perfect what is already a fantastic game.

Anything beyond the above is not really necessary. Even the addition of a UVHM to fall in line with the other games, while nice, is not needed. The only reason I want it is to increase the difficulty of my no death runs.

??? Citation? That’s a very odd thing, given that there are fast travels all over the main game, and BL2 (which does have FTs in the DLC) was originally built for the same consoles.

No citation, just remember reading something about it years back. Something about draconian ToS, or something to that effect, preventing the addition of them to the DLCs.

I could be mistaken.

I got curious and poked around. Lots of complaints about the lack of DLC FT options, and some idle speculation, but nothing else. I think this thread contains all the relevant player theories:

Of the opinions listed there, the unintentional “Wow! This FT list is going to be really confusing” one makes the most sense. The vanilla game one can indeed be confusing once you power up the FT network, especially since it’s not always obvious which location you need for your current mission objective. Having the map alongside the list in BL2, and having various flags and prompts pop up for each destination, was a huge improvement.

Mak is great, one of the last remaining true borderlands youtubers. Sucks how his channel was disproportionately affected by the ad-pocalypse because of the kill in his channel name.

This 1000 times. If this isnt fixed, you can bet that literally nothing else would be either. No way I would be spending the money on a new borderlands 1 if the Knoxx DLC still isnt even playable after 10 years.

Why do people think that this potential/rumored PS4/XB1 version is a remaster, rather than a straight port?

Probably because the original version is already playable as a backwards compatible title on XB1, and because the Handsome Collection versions of BL2 and TPS got graphics and performance updates compared to the base games.


Yeah, one would expect improved graphics and performance, but people are talking about bug fixes (correct names and colors for weapons, fixing the Reaper and B*tch, etc) and added features (picking up money, etc).

I think that’s more wish-list posting. As in, ‘if you do a remaster, please do this’. If the Handsome Collection is used as a benchmark, then bumping to 60 fps on console and adding FOV sliders would hopefully be part of it. Beyond that, who knows? It would be odd to add things that weren’t in the PC version of the game, though.

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Right, changing the game mechanics would be weird, but also bug fixes would be weird at this point, too. Bug fixes for BL are a “Be careful what you wish for” kind of situation. And probably the number one feature people seem to want from BL - Fast Travel in the DLCs - doesn’t really make much sense to me.

That old rumor about fast travel in the DLCs that goes something like, “There was a size limitation for the consoles that precluded adding fast travel to the DLCs” But when I look at Ned and Knoxx, it makes sense that there isn’t fast travel. They made the zombies for the player to fight, but people want to skip over them? People wanted vehicles, so they gave them new vehicles, roads, and new vehicle enemies to fight, but people want to skip it. People want to fast travel straight into the Farmory without having to fight through enemies to get there? I remember reading someone (with the Fast Travel mod) complaining that corrosive doesn’t work well on Knoxx, and that being able to use a corrosive launcher would be so much faster and easier. That’s the eponymous final boss of the DLC, and people are bent because he can’t be one-shot with a launcher? SMH.

It seems like a lot of people who want Fast Travel in Knoxx really just want to get the Farmory faster and without the bother of fighting enemies. A dev studio could save a lot of time and money by making a one level DLC that’s just a giant room full of high awesome value Crimson Lance chests with no enemies. I get the allure - opening Armory chests is like opening Christmas gifts - but that’s not really much of a game.

It totally makes sense that BL will be ported to PS4/XB1, but I would be surprised by changes to game mechanics and new features. Bug fixes? At this point, certain bugs are too much a part of the experience - Farmory glitch, LE37 Ledge, etc. The Invader sniper may have been misnamed by a bug in BL, but it’s in BL2 & TPS. LE37 Ledge was fondly recalled in Son of Crawmerax. Bugs sometimes become canon.

I think comparing a potential remaster to the Bioshock remasters is a good point of reference too, since that came to Steam (I bought the games in 2014 or 15 and out of the blue the remasters were added to my steam library for free). If we use the Handsome Collection as a point of reference, then the subsequent Patches that came with its release, which were fixes to certain things, would be the equivalent of Patching some of the more egregious known issues with BL1. We can at least hope so.

I was under the impression that those also came to the PS3/360/PC versions of the game? I mean, other than the ones that were platform-specific?