Remaster Coming?

(Perdido) #21

BL2 and TPS were still being supported when THC was released. Excluding issues specific to THC, subsequent fixes weren’t because of THC’s release, but part of a regular, ongoing series of fixes. Much of what is in those patches were fixes and changes made years before in hot fixes that were made permanent in a patch.

Remember when people found a way to raid the Treasure Room in Captain Scarlet ad infinitum, and it was fixed immediately? And then someone found a way around the fix, and they fixed that, too? And when a player could get to the end area of DP to fight OMGWTH and get the pearl without fighting through DP, and then they fixed it?

They don’t like players getting the best gear without doing something for it - fighting a raid boss, completing a mission, killing a mini-boss many times, completing a game.

This is the “be careful what you wish for” part of bug fixes, because if people want bug fixes, they might get what they want, but they’re going to get what they don’t want, too.

If there are going to be bug fixes, there are two glaring bugs at the top of the list, and some of the people who want added features and bug fixes aren’t going to like those particular fixes.

(Isthiswill) #22

My point is more along the lines that revisiting a game has consistently been an opportunity to tune it up. The Handsome Collection is still just Borderlands 2 and TPS. The trickle-down of support to all platforms (October 2015 patch for example) is a fringe benefit. The recent repackaging of BL2 & TPS on Steam as THC is another, long delayed fringe benefit (and attribibutable to VR’s release hype).

Now the biggest example of this I can think of is BL2 VR being spun out of development for THC. Fringe benefits to other platforms have yet to manifest, but once exclusivity ends they might.

As far as game improvements, i’m in the camp that are thinking QOL changes, not game revisions: auto pickup, mini map, FOV, end-game gear scaling, Playthrough 2 reset, equipped item’s proper level showing up in Inventory. Maybe, just maybe a gear swap locker.

Anything beyond that could be great, or a deal breaker with such a fickle and polarized fan base of the series. But basic fixes like that seem like no-brainers.

The stuff about fast travels I get. If you even added just one to the entry point of a new map in each DLC the amount of on foot or in car transit would be substantial, and Knoxx in particular, has missions on the Tollway that still impose driving it, fast travel or no.