Remaster New Legendaries? And Hybrids?

Apparently the Remaster has some new Legendary weapons. I’ve seen one (a rocket launcher shown by JoltzDude from the final fight), but was wondering if there’s any info on the others. Also, I’m curious if they changed the parts system to get rid of Hybrid weapons.

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I’ve had the Pistol Sucker Punch and ShotgunBaha’s Bigger Blaster.

I don’t think I have screenshots right now but they were in my backpack on a fresh Brick having played 1, 2 and TPS before.

(If I do I’ll add the screenshots)



I got the Silent Night sniper rifle.
Can’t say what it does apart from what the card states.

I was watching Joltz’s twitch earlier as a matter of fact and he said hybrids are still in.

Oh wow - new Unique weapons sounds like a great reason to fire it up.

Did I read something somewhere correctly that there are Golden Keys for BL1 now? Did they add a chest somewhere?

There’s a Golden Chest in Fyrestone now, across from Zed’s.

Nice. I did a bit of a guide on them on the old forums, so I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for them.

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Hybrid weapons stays same. The one hybrid that might have changed is Reavers Edge with Penetrator barrel - question if it stays as purple tier weapon with same name. I farmed for it for hours today but didn’t find one.
As for hybrids I have, I can confirm that Cyclops Kyros Power is still same, Protector Amigo still same, Ajax Ogre still same. I don’t see reason why anything would have changed for other hybrids, other than the fixed rarity of Penetrator.

As for the new legnedaries, because they’re all gearbox guns with fixed parts, there doesn’t seem to be any chance for new hybrids.


So (and I’m trying not to derail the thread here, I promise), the new features added to BL1 include:

  • Functional Golden Chest
  • A couple (at least) new Unique weapons
  • Higher-resolution graphics
  • A proper minimap (instead of the horizontal thing)
  • Heads as a cosmetic item now
  • Some new skins to go with the customizable head slot?
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Don’t forget the QoL change of money, ammo, and health picking up automatically now.

As mentioned there’s one in Fyrestone, and also one in New Haven. A Claptrap’s stash type of thing would have been cool too, but alas no. :slight_smile:

Nice, thanks!