Remaster starters SPOLIERS

I’ve started 3 new characters in the remaster, and I’m both happy and confused by the starter loot.
The bladed pistol (I forget it’s name and I’m not at my console right now) is pretty awesome as a melee weapon, 500% boost for melee is great.
My only problem is BL1 doesn’t have a stash until Moxxie’s Underdome, and I don’t want to trigger that right away, so I’ve got to keep carrying this weapon even when the base damage is underpowered. I want to keep it for the occasional melee needs, but I’m just using up an inventory slot for something I don’t do often. But 500% buff though.

The 2nd gift weapon is interesting. Two characters have gotten the Hive launcher. Lilith was one, and my Sirens use rocket launchers never, so kinda useless.
The other gift weapon has been the new Baha shotgun. Pretty useful piece of gear for the first 5-6 levels.
Overall pretty good starters, just wish I had a place to stash 'em.

Curious as to why not? It’s one of the first places I visit once I’ve got Fyrestone out of lock down.

The new guns are frequent drops from Crawmerax, as well as chance to get them from golden chest, so you’ll have opportunities to reattain the gun later.

Understatement if I’ve ever seen one. Got a Brick still using the starter version Sucker Punch and starter Baha’s Bigger Blaster at level 14 without much issue.

I’ve been trying to see how far those new starter weapons can go before needing to be replaced.

Good question. And I don’t have a good answer. I thought it scaled and would put me too low for later action. I never played it much in the original BL1 so could be dead wrong.

From memory (and others feel free to jump in and correct) each individual arena scales to the host when a particular session is entered; they do not appear to be affected in the least by the level of your character the first time the enter the Underdome FT and access the bank or vending machines.


I recall seeing playthgough of underdome in recent months and enemies scaled up to player level for guys still on 1st playthrough. It seems to me it’s the single area where enemies scales regardless.

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Thanks folks, I’ll unlock the 'Dome then and stash stuff away.

I remember getting caught out by that: I’d gone once and failed miserably, so I thought I’d level up a bit then come back and whomp them just like Fink’s in BL2. Big fat hairy “Nope!” to that idea…