Remaster vs Original - Homeworld Remastered Review

This is my first game review.

Any constructive criticism would be appreciated.

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well that clears some stuff up, but…

complaining about difficulty? lol ;p can’t say i’ve had that experience. campaign way too easy, i could take on 10v1 odds no problem in that thing (not using easily exploitable ai mechanics either).

but yes, formations and tactics are beyond broken… seriously needs fixing… don’t know if it will get fixing… (was the same in HW2:C, but not quite this bad, was expecting some fixes anyways, not more bugs).

btw, to get classic versions working properly -

HW2:C ati video fix (atioglxx.dll from catalyst 14.4)

HW1:C registry fix (to save video options/widescreen)

and just play the originals ;p (although as you can see, that release was messed up too, and some ‘features’ removed)

Not complaining about the difficulty, more the pacing.

Look at the first 3 missions of HW1.

Mission 1: Learning how to build/control & research.
Mission 2: Small strike craft fight to let you get a hang of combat.
Mission 3: a few Frigates to as your first encounter with larger warships.

In the remaster if you built a lot of scouts/interceptors or Light corvettes in Mission 2 (which a new player might), then suddenly having to kill/capture 6 Assault Frigates is quite a step up in difficulty over the 3 in the original. More so when you remember how broken those strike craft are.

Now if you have played HW1 before .you will know that salvages corvettes would make the later missions much easier if you just stole most of the ships from mission 3 on. But a new player might not have learnt that yet.

I think I could have conveyed that better in the video.

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never had that problem. as long as you have a few bombers, you are fine. also laser corvettes (not sure if available by then). or heavy corvettes. i think i only built 4 light corevettes, rest variants.

if you overspecialize (build too many of one type of unit), you breed in weakness.

you can use salvage vettes too. still, i don’t see this as a problem at all. most of the time my fleet was maxed before starting a new mission (i barely lost any units at all, a frig here or there cuz they’re squishy, but nothing major).

too easy. if anything, make it HARDER.

Excuse me good sir, what is a laser corvette?

rofl. maybe from cataclysm ;p forgot to mention, build more multi-beam frigates!