Remaster - Well worth it

No spoilers.

I just installed and booted the remaster on my PS4 and I will immediately say;
Well worth it!

I can’t go deep into gameplay yet, but I’m not even to Neds’ yet and I love it 10 times more than the original.

Graphics are outstanding. Movement is much much smoother and more precise. Enemy movement is also smoother, less jerk-jerk-jerk. Being able to set FOV up to 120 (I play at 110) is huge.
And minimap! Minimap! Love it.
Initial view of new inventory management is positive, marking fav/trash like BL2. Compare is better (again, more like BL2).
Oh, and picking up ammo and cash by walking over it works as expected.
Oh, and as expected, the ammo vendors have a buy max button to restock fast.
Edit: Oh, and they put a distance indicator on the mission objective diamond, which is interesting.
I’m happy.



It’s so smooth and pretty. Feels better than THC imo

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Hm, one glitchy thing (to me it’s a glitch).
Every time I open a box my gun reloads. Glad Gaige doesn’t exist in BL1.

Just watch out for falling damage if you’re used to jumping from cliffs without fear :wink:


DANG, thanks for the reminder!

Enjoying this all over again, and surprised that they physically changed some areas.

FOV slider, minimap, and ammo/money/health auto pickup, oh yes.

Oh yeah the game looks so much better now too. :smiley:

Disappointed you can’t reset your playthrough. I was really hoping for that. C’mon guys, add that in a patch or something!

I was hoping for visual indicator for skills boosted by COMs, but it’s the same as original.


@VaultHunter101, I completely agree with @RavenOfArisia above. Great graphics, smooth frame rate, sound, FoV, all good. like a whole new game to me.
I do have a couple gripes; The left and right trigger locations. I’ve gotten so used to the zoom and fire being on the upper trigger buttons. I keep throwing grenades when I want to shoot. Wish that could be changed without messing up BL2 and other games on the XB.
A trivial matter of having a little trouble with a couple skagg piles that would not melee and I ended up having to shoot.
My biggest gripe is that when I (Lvl 7) killed BoneHead (Lvl 10) he dropped a (Lvl 3) Bone Shredder. :rage: That’s just wrong!

All in all, I do think it’s a nice upgrade to the game. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Check the options, you can re-assign any button.

And it feels like they revised Snipers. I’m actually getting crits, instead of the firing cone making my slug go that-a-way where it hits nothing. I could be wrong on this, but it feels better.

Welcome to the Borderlands 1 loot system, where insanity is normal, and you should probably test fire everything without looking at any numbers. Level means something very different to what it does in BL2/TPS, especially as it relates to weapons.


I’m pretty sure that’s how it was in the original game too.

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I thought I’d gotten higher level ones before? There’s also a chance to get a higher level one from another drop source later on the main story though.

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Yeah, I realized that after the first Jacobs sniper I got. I thought “great, this will help”, what a POS. Couldn’t hit a fat skagg at forty feet, and I’m running Mordecai. :rofl:


I still remember on my old 360 save at level 30 I was rocking a level 17 revolver that let me destroy enemies up close as mordecai. I regenerated ammo due to a class mod(I think) and in the time I fired the 2 shots and reloaded I regenerated the ammo and each shot had multiple projectiles so I dealt beautiful damage up close.


Yes - and a low level Hellfire with decent parts and tech pool would annihilate pretty much everything for ages.

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I’ll be farming one once I reach New Haven :smiley:

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I can really tell a difference here. This combined with FOV and mini map… Just a great experience. I’m not going to lie, i have been looking forward to this just slightly less than BL3. Besides not being able to play with a friend… very happy.

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I’m in heaven.

And those shift guns are rather lovely.