Remaster - Well worth it

I’m going to say it again, something got fixed in sniper aim.
I’m not sure if they touched the code, or this is just the result of a new engine, but I am amazed.
I was never as good in BL1 as I am in BL2, but the remastering has changed that. I’m critting everything, where a crit (for me) with a sniper rifle in the original was much rarer.
Just blowing through early game, this is indeed a new experience and welcome.
Still hate the 3-shot mag snipers though :slight_smile:

I’d think a higher frame rate would help with that?

Yes, all the smoothness additions like that help.

But I’m also talking about the shot where you’re both standing dead still and you scope in, no movement on either side. In the original I’d often miss that shot as the fire cone spread my shot out. I’m hitting nearly all of those now, it feels like they adjusted that, though I could be dreaming. Bonehead, for example, took just 4 shots from a moderately good white sniper rifle from across the map.

Oh, and before players looking at this from ten years ago think it’d be too different to enjoy again…
Don’t fret, the driving system is still stinky. :slight_smile:


Primarily because compared to BL2/Pre-Sequel, the game is far more forgiving with making sure you keep your gear level.

The Bone Shredder can go a bit before it becomes obsolete, right before you go fight Sledge in the Headstone Mine I believe.

Sooo good, so many nice little things, and the only thing worse off so far is not being able to drive a car into bonehead’s camp. Also, really wish we got a swap stash, and some DLC fast travels.

Idk about the snipers specifically. I havent noticed them being any better, and I made sure to check. Snipers, and scopeless iron sights still kinda suck. Will just have to face the fact that sniping in borderlands 1, or most any other game, will never be as satisfying as Vladov sniper rifles from Borderlands 2.

I have encountered my first issue. My PC is no longer good enough for the minimum specs (It seems to play fine so far). I might just have to get an Xbox as a decent new graphics card is about 60% the cost of an XBox One X. Dang it!

It’s definitely solid, but I’m still sad that I still can’t put my sensitivity under 10.

Oddly enough, I’ve found the Vladof snipers to be great in the new BL1, so far. Like others, I’m getting lots of crits with them.

Hello. Would anyone happen to know if they added a playthrough reset? The only reason i haven’t bought it yet is knowing that there isn’t much to do when you beat the game.

The only issue I’ve noticed is the Anisotropic Filtering resets itself from x16 to trilinear whenever I start the game. I reset it to x16 in the first splash menu it resets to something else by the time I get to the main menu so have to change it again.

Apart from this minor inconvenience it’s excellent :+1:

Angel’s new look is awful.


Ooooh shiny new gun :smile:


It’s like falling in love all over again.


Need your opinion. I have $100 in my psn account should i buy the remaster and pre order the bl3 base game or should i just preorder the super deluxe edition?

Help me decide.

I’d watch a few streams or vids, once a few folks have done some playthroughs and found out how different the experience is overall.

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The word I heard yesterday was “No”, although I haven’t had a chance to check it myself yet.

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Not that I can see unless it’s super-hidden. I imported a few max-level endgame characters from the original and I saw no option to reset anywhere while going through the menus to start playing with them.

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If your game budget for this year is that $100, I’d pre-order 3.
Even though the remaster is excellent, it is in the end still BL1. The story and the world doesn’t change, just gets better.
If you already have BL1 on your system, or played it, you should go with 3 for the new experience.

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When will the dlc’s come out? If it will be available within a month after release i’ll probably go with the season pass. If it will come by the dec or jan, i will just buy the base game for both.

My wife will be the one buying i am just worried that she will ask something in return. Lol. :joy::joy:

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