Remastered causes computer to hard restart

When i try to play Homeworld Remastered after the gearbox intro my computer fully shuts off, waits a second, then restarts. It doesn’t freeze or anything it just instantly snaps off. It crashes the moment the video is done but if i skip the video i can see a single frame of a login or something before the crash.
This same thing happens with the game CS:GO but that game runs for a few minutes before crashing.

I have no reason to think its due to system limitations because i have a “Intel i5-8400 2.81ghz”, “GTX 1070 TI” and “16gb of DDR4 RAM”. I can run witcher3 and darksouls3 on max graphics with practically no problems, i can run the OG Homeworld fine. My 1TB SSD is a bit on the slow side if that means anything.
Idk what the power supply is but i assume its fine because i specifically told the people who made it " dont skimp out on the power supply, ive heard too many horror stories about that", and the battery backup is 1000VA so im damn sure its getting the power it needs.
The computer itself is only a year old.

Ive tried every solution ive seen online including reinstalling the game and “run with graphic processor” but it doesn’t seem i have the ability to do that option in any way. And all drivers are up to date.

Someone mentioned “running the files from the desktop to bypass ram” but i have no idea how to do that because steam just reinstalls the game to the steam folder.

If anyone have had this problem, have any solutions and/or have any questions it would be much appreciated.

The gearbox support isn’t accomplishing much, if anyone has any solutions or ideas please tell.

Temp solution found!
As long as i keep a recording software running on any setting the game keeps running but the moment i end recording the computer restarts. I have no idea why this works, but im using fraps.

If i alt+tab the software crashes but the computer still runs as long as i dont enter the game again, i have to restart it.

Is there anything in the crash log? It sounds like the game is trying to access something (video library or driver?) that isn’t there when you launch the game normally but is loaded by the recording software.

A bit of a long shot, but did your computer come with any custom or 3rd party audio or video extension or helper apps? I’ve seen issues with the Borderlands series attributed to software supplied with a graphics card or audio card to “enhance” game audio.

i dont know if it did, there were some “HP Audio” apps.

Gearbox support said they didnt find much in the error log, just asked me to reinstall the game again which ive already done with antivirus off. Ive also tried running the game as an admin, and messing with gpu settings.
“Thanks for writing back in! We didn’t see anything in the provided ErrorLog that would indicate the cause of your PC resetting. We can see that there are some Archive issues which should be resolvable by using the “Verify Integrity of Game Cache” tool in the Properties Menu on Steam and/or by performing a full re-install with Anti-Virus and Firewall disabled for the duration.”

You might want to see if there’s a way to disable these and just use the default audio for now? Aside from that, I know some games have an issue if SLI is enabled.

it must be something small with fraps that allows it to run because it even works when i record at half quality at 1fps. I was also thinking it could be that it has an overlay but i have geforce experience and it still crashes. Now that i think of it, geforce also records constantly but only saves if you ask it to, so i have no idea why this works…

Other people have had this crashing bug and by random chance i find this one crappy recording app that hasn’t been maintained in over 6 years that somehow fixes the bug xD
What are the odds.

I have this same issue with any of the remastered versions i run both HW1R and HW2R but the regular versions i can run with no problem.

This seems to be a problem directly with the remastered versions themselves, i can get up to the gearbox logo before it hard resets the PC triggering a power surge issue.

I checked the power levels on the pc and card at full ultra load and with other games etc… and nothing out of the ordinary. Someone on the steam discussion boards say they found a way around this by unplugging their monitor and plugging in a VGA monitor instead citing that the game is trying to load onboard chipset graphics over the graphics card and this is causing the hardboot some how? sadly i do not have a VGA monitor to try and i have my graphic settings to always run on the video card first.

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im set to always run GPU and im using an HDMI monitor through it. Maybe if i end up getting a DVI to VGA adapter i can try, not totally sure if that would make a difference because it would still be running through GPU. Im using a VGA monitor off of the onboard graphics car but it cant run games due ti my settings, maybe if i re-disable that in the boot menu it will stop trying to do that bug, i might try.

Your guess would be as good as mine ive never encountered something like this before. I have tried a few things listed all over here and the steam forums but nothing seems to fix the problem.

This is going to seem silly, but try toggling the setting off and back on again. Apparently, this worked for an audio driver issue someone was having. I know, makes no sense…

I do remember someone having issues where it turned out there were two separate places in their system they could set the GPU choice, and they were in conflict. Not sure if that applies in your case though. IIRC there was a global option but then a per-application override?

-Read second paragraph for solution.
The computer hard restart problem was being caused by a faulty power supply that was reading a much higher power capacity than it could actually give and as a response the computer would power off under extreme load, for some reason homeworld remastered entering the main menu causes a small power surge.

You can fix this issue by limiting your power to 100% (but I recommend 90-95%) with overclocking software. What I used and recommend is MSI Afterburner, it’s free but I do recommend replacing a bad power supply to prevent damage later on. You don’t have to actually overclock your computer, this software allows you to limit your computer as well.

Other games known to cause this problem are: CS:GO, Oblivion, Skyrim and any video editing software.