Remastered Collector's Edition now back on Amazon (At $99)

Hey guys, So I had a really horrible experience with USPS and Amazon over the past couple of days and I’ve been extremely determined to get my package. Due to some confusion with my Apartment manager, My order was sent back and it’s been hell since.

That said, my pain is your reward, as due to my meddling with Amazon customer support around an hour ago, Collector’s edition copies are now displaying Amazon in a limited quantity due to the others that were also sent back. (The store quantity updated while we were on the phone)

Therefore… Get them while they’re hot! (~15 left as of this writing)


Thanks very much sir.

Thought I was going to have to wait for newegg but thanks to you I get my mothership model a little sooner :).

wait on newegg? Are they getting a additional supply as well or whats going on? I already had my stuff reserved last year, but some friends are interested. :smile:

I canceled my Newegg order in favor of the faster Amazon order :slight_smile:

Same here! Thanks for the update :smile:

the resellers are buying them up so you need to check every few hours as they are only releaseing a few ce at a time I mangeed to get one before the resellers got it lol good luck peeps!

I have mine. pre-ordered mine. It looks cool but I wish it was of the first mothership instead