Remastered Edition Collectors Edition Comparison

I realize what gearbox originally promoted was early and a work in progress. and what theyre delivering is nice, it looks great. but its not really what I had in mind when I preordered. In fact, I really, really wanted that artbook. So I do feel a bit tricked into purchasing something that ended up mostly being a plastic toy in a box, which I personally don’t care about. I realize that theres an artbook with the manual there. but its tiny, its even half the size of the original homeworld 1 manual in paper height.

Gearbox, thanks for remastering the game and all the effort that went into it, but at this point I think I’m cancelling my order of the collectors edition and will just pre-order the game on steam and wait for the larger artbook to go on sale.

I’m not gonna lie… I wanted the “plastic toy”, :wink:

Same boat here, but I waited til the end to know exactly the content: I knew for certain that it would have been possible to obtain a collectors edition regardless, even from late resellers. Plus I voted for the metal cast… sigh that and original :banana:

I wanted the model. I’m getting the model. It looks fabulous. :smiley:


People are starting to get theirs already? Mine is still sitting in the Pre-Order derp zone on Amazon. :frowning:

No, certain gaming websites and media types are getting some to show off to the rest of us. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems there are plenty of people who feel similarly here:

I am not really bothered by the lack of stickers and some cards presented in the original CE concept, but would have been nice little extras probably forgotten in their box. However, this was all known about a year ago (May, 2014) that the CE only contained the key chain, briefing/art book (the small blue book in the original pitch), twelve-inch model, and game codes when the original pre-order went up. It is very-likely that the twelve-inch model ate up most of the CE’s budget and is probably why they seem unwilling to consider additional batches.

Would have loved the big art book as well in the box, but will end up picking it up when it becomes available.