Remastered HW1 Campaign is too easy

End of mission 4

17 corvettes, 9 of them missile corvettes, 3 of them standard corvettes, and 5 of them heavy corvettes.
6 ion array frigates plus 2 ion cannon frigates plus 3 assault frigates plus one support frigate
6 salvage corvettes plus 2 repair corvettes
two resource collectors plus one resource controller

Salvaged all 6 cryo trays and only lost 10 scouts. Destroyed one of the five frigates and salvaged the rest.

And I’m at 12.5k RUs ATM.

A bit ridiculous don’t you think?

I’m having the opposite problem. The raiders seem to be over powered for some reason, and are wiping out my ships super fast. And, the cryo trays get wiped out super quick by the assault frigates. Plus, you can’t heal the cryo trays anymore :frowning:

Send scouts out to distract some of the frigs as soon as they exit the docking bay. Have salvs take the two trays that take the most damage and use your corvettes to kill the damaged frigate. Now just salvage the frigs that are left engaging your ships. I recommend having 6 or 8 salvage corvettes for this to speed up the capture of the frigs that are engaging your forces.

Heavy corvettes don’t solve life’s problems as much as they used to but they’re still okay and that’s what imba salvagers are for. Take all of the raider corvettes.

If ion arrays are attacking your ions, perform a retreat command and get a support frig/a couple of repair corvettes on it. Ion cannon frigs now have as much range as ion arrays so retreating should be effective. Get salvagers on the pursuing and distracted frigs. The rest of it should be a cinch.

Don’t underestimate assault frigs. They are supurb at anti-fighter now that an accuracy system rather than a ballistics system is used and are as good, if not better anti-corvette than they used to be.

I have to agree with Stuart98 in his original post.

There’s too many resources in the campaign. Maybe it’s just nostalgia for the original, but some of the strategy seems to be missing. Before I had to pick very carefully between which ships I wanted to build based on what was coming at me next, but now I can just build tons of everything and deal with it all.

Granted, I feel like there may be more/tougher enemies to contend with. I don’t recall there being 3 destroyers in the original campaign in the asteroid belts and the turonic raider’s corvettes were certainly a bit beefier than they were before. I guess I’ll just have to see how this trend continues since I only just got to the gardens of Kadesh.

Whole campaign is super easy! I am at mission 13 now. I have 83 000 ru in my bank. Ive lost 1 destroyer and 3frigs (Fighters, corvettes does not count. They are terribad anyway)

My fleet is: 2 stolen Cruisers. 2 stolen missile destroyers. 1 stolen normal destroyer. 1 built destroyer 1 built missile destroyer + a bunch of stolen frigs (multibeam, raider and so on) I am maxed out and cant build more ships (ive almost not built any ships at all, just stolen them.

I lost once on mission 12 when a cruiser came from below my mothership when the fleet was away (was mostly due to me underestimating the game and not leaving any ships to cover. I did not get back in time to save the MS)

Other than that its a piece of cake. I remember the game being hard when i was young?

Anyway the game is pretty, and its fun to see the story again! Just sad to see the challenge has been taken out of the game to pander to the mainstream audience (You could have included difficulty levels where hard saw you with as little money as you used to get)

Does anyone know how to use the console commands in RM to make the AI more difficult?