Remastered Rare Loot Drop Sources Survey

There’s been some speculation about changes to the loot pools of named runnable bosses, especially with regard to the new legendaries introduced in the Remastered version of the game.

This thread is for collecting data on sources and drops specifically of legendary and unique (red text) items in the remastered version. I’ll update this post with summary information as it goes…


Character Runs GBX Leg. Reg. Leg. Relics Eridians Unique Unique name Reported by
Lilith 30 3 5 3 3 2 Elephant Gun Rumplebunny
Mordecai 30 3 7 2 0 4 Elephant Gun Rumplebunny
Roland 10 1 3 3 0 0 VH101
Lilith 8 3 1 0 0 2 Elephant Gun RoA

Legendaries seem to be part of the “world drops” from Skagzilla; can drop with or without the Elephant Gun designated drop.

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Awesome! Thanks for doing this. :smiley:

It’s been reported that Skagzilla can drop the new Gearbox legendaries, and I’ve done a small number of kills myself to see if any dropped, and he did drop a Sucker Punch within a few kills.



While I’d usually agree with you, I’m suspecting that Blind Squirrel cloned and modified the loot pool of minibosses. These enemies drop purples at a very consistent rates, especially for BL1’s AL system. My guess? They cloned the global loot pool, jacked the AL way up, and removed legendary parts. Oh, and select sources have the new legendaries folded into their drops as well.
In fact, you mentioned Pearlescents, and while they do drop from more than Craw and Lance Chests, they do only drop from certain enemies, not any bandit/midget/lancemen will do. Even then, each of the Badass type that drop them can only do so for certain Pearls.

It’s technically possible for enemies to have unique loot pools, not every source is only tagged as “global”.

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I haven’t wrapped my head around the BL1 naming scheme yet, but I would not be surprised that the different tiers (BL2 equivalent badass, superbadass, raid boss) each had a pool with a specific AL, much like the chests. As a data point: I know that all the world drop elemental relics I’ve had so far have come from the big elemental skags and spiderants (might be why Scar is such a good source of relics, for example.)

Yeah, I remain suspicious with Skagzilla, though to be fair I didn’t do a very lengthy test with him so it could just be RNG after all.

The Gearbox legendaries have some strange behavior, as has been mentioned in various places; they always spawn at your level seemingly (the one I got from Skagzilla, and the numerous ones I saw from Craw, were always level 69), have fixed parts, have strange quirks with COMs (ammo regen broken for example). You get two of course with the creation of a fresh character, I’ve seen them show up in the golden chests (I have not yet seen a standard legendary weapon spawn in the golden chests, but that could just be unlucky RNG), and there is always one in the middle red chest in the Vault. I’ve yet to see one drop from an enemy besides Craw and Skagzilla (but have seen the usual occasional legendary drops from Lancemen, Claptraps, etc.) I wouldn’t be surprised to learn if these guns somewhat live outside the regular BL weapon generating system. Pure speculation though.

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I’ve only had blues and purples from the Golden Chests (mostly the one in Fyrestone). Not a single orange so far.

Somewhat tellingly, when I’ve had a Gearbox orange show up in the chest (three so far), it’s always spawned alone and not mixed with other weapons, which leads me to believe it’s a unique die roll result.

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I’m saying that the game already has had some unique loot pools, even before the remaster. In post-game, Scar drops the TK Wave, Moe(Marley too?) drops the Lady Finger, Zilla the Elephant Gun, so on and on. These unique pools are essentially the global pools but with a certain unique added on the side.
Global loot pool = everything including legendary parts, minus uniques(standard uniques and Pearlescents included)

The remaster’s been out long enough with zero reported legendaries that I feel pretty safe in saying that the legendary parts were pulled out of the chest’s pool. It spawns purples/blues consistently, meaning it has a pretty sizeable Awesome Level. Normally this’d mean the chance for a legendary part would be higher, yet we’ve seen zero standard legendaries from there. It seems too unlikely at this point, I’m not buying it.

The only legendary guns that were mentioned where the new Blind Squirrel legendary guns.
I still think that the vanilla legendaries are part of the standard global pool, but it looks like Skagzilla has a chance to drop one of the “new” legendaries.

The BSG Legendaries are pretty much already uniques, fully locked parts, unique sources(Craw, Golden Chest, seemingly Zilla).
I’d wait for further confirmation on Zilla, just to see if he drops any/all of the BSG legendaries. As I assume you were already going to do. I’m not your mom, but I’m certainly acting like it.

Sorry if I’m coming off an confrontational, just trying to clarify.

The only places I’ve gotten the new legendaries from are skagzilla and the 1 chest that always has 1 after the destroyer.

I’d say at least 100 runs of the Hyperion gift shop chest room hasn’t netted any of them, but I’ve gotten almost every other legendary.

As for the golden chest, i don’t have keys, but when it was 11st announced i saw it stated it would only drop the gearbox legendaries

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Same. It’s probably safe to say they won’t show up there. I really think they’re not part of the world drop pool, much like the pearls and the miniboss uniques.

Craw certainly drops them, often two or three at once (sometimes dropping two of the same, heh). I think the jury is still out on whether these drops are displacing the original legendary and pearl drops. I really hope they aren’t! RNG is unkind enough already to me in my pearl hunts. :smiley: In my limited Craw farming sessions with the remaster, it seems like the new ones are just extra drops and they aren’t displacing anything as it seems like I’m still getting a typical number of normal legendaries as compared to the original, but the more experienced Craw farmers out there will have a much more complete picture for sure.

In the name of science, I just did some Skagzilla farming and kept track of the drops.

I did 30 kills, but I’m probably going to do some more later and update my totals.

In 30 kills, I got:

3 Gearbox legendaries (Sucker Punch, Hive Mind, Mug Shot; so it looks like he can drop any of them.)
3 artifacts (two explosive, one shock)
2 Elephant Guns
5 regular legendaries (Thanatos, Equalizer, Raven, Volcano, Firehawk)
3 Eridian guns (kept track just for giggles)

Two of the regular legendaries dropped alongside one of the Elephant Guns and one of the Gearbox legendaries (Thanatos/Elephant Gun and Firehawk/Mug Shot for those keeping score). I’m gonna go with the regular legendaries all being world drops, since Zilla does drop a lot more, and much higher quality, gear than before.

What remains to be seen if Zilla will drop an Elephant Gun alongside a Gearbox. The three Eridian guns dropped alone, but I don’t know if that actually means anything other than because the AL has been jacked up. The artifacts all dropped alone as well, so far.

Did zilla drop artifacts in the original game? I never farmed him much then except when I wanted a cheap XP boost.


Nope. I posted this in another thread (find of the day) but I’ll repeat it here.
I just spent a Golden Key in the Fyrestone golden chest and got a “standard” BL1 legendary, a Defender. It was not alone in the chest, there was a purple SMG also.

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Thanks. OP updated. I might try burning through some keys later - still haven’t got a legendary from the Golden Chest, but I didn’t keep track of the blues and purples.

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Woot, that’s something of a relief. :smiley: I just read your original post and @mlociks post as well. Good news.

I’ve gotten Gearbox legendaries from the gold chest and, as someone else noted, they always appeared alone. A solitary weapon in the middle

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Which character are you playing during this Zilla farming? I’m curious if eridians are dropping for someone other than Lilith.

I’m also wondering about potential differences between Pt.1, 2, and 2.5 (and having nightmares!)

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That thought had crossed my mind, and I was indeed using Lilith.

Alrighty, did 30 more Skagzilla kills. This time I used Mordy instead of Lilith.

First off, as I was kinda expecting, no Eridian weapons dropped.

What did drop:

3 Gearbox legendaries
4 Elephant Guns
7 normal legendaries
2 artifacts

Once again, one of the normal legendaries dropped alongside a Gearbox. And again, no Elephant Guns dropped simultaneously with artifacts or Gearbox guns.

One of the Gearbox guns was a Violence, and yeah, the Gunslinger COM’s ammo regen is broken with it (as in, doesn’t work.)