Remastered Tutorial problems in 2.0

In the Advanced Commands tutorial, the player is asked to select a Strikegroup on the Strikegroup Roll Out bar. While clicking the Delta, Broad, X, Claw, Wall, and Sphere Strikegroup buttons forces the ships to move into those formations, they don’t complete the step. Only using the Capital Phalanx, Frigate Line, and Fighter Screen options will complete the step.

Additionally, earlier in that tutorial, the player is instructed to order 3 squadrons of bombers to attack a frigate. The bombers don’t attempt to maneuver away from the exploding frigate and sometimes take damage. In two of the four runs I did today, 3 bombers in the central squadron were destroyed. I know the damage due to exploding ships was increased, but I also read that other ships are supposed to try to move away from the exploding ones, so I’m mentioning this as an example where that doesn’t seem to occur.

Screenshot showing the bombers being blown up after destroying the frigate:

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