Remastterd New Ideas

(Fragbi) #1

As I don’t have Facebook nor twitter (due to privacy reasons) I would like to share some ideas on the re-mastered home world edition. I’ve been a fan since the original release. Gear Box if you’re listening consider the following:

  1. Homeworld 1: Include the lost level (as a bonus) for unlocking or defeating x number of enemies or salvaging a particular ship on a certain level to grant you access to this level i.e. salvaging a turanic fighter/bomber, carrier or something. Again this adds a certain level of difficulty and skill
  2. Homeworld 2: Mission 14: Make it possible to repair allies so that they can have an impact on the mission if player wishes to do so (almost like a side mission). Reward players for aiding allied forces (the two battle cruisers). This will create an additional difficulty to the last level for taking the time and sacrificing some of your fleet to do so:) Reward players who choose to do heroic act:)
  3. Include side missions i.e. salvage a particular ship for a piece of technology or to rescue an A.I controlled ships due to damage
  4. Homeworld 2: last mission needs more time. Mission is too short. Adding additional side missions or missions that have to be done in a certain order will lengthen mission.
  5. Automatically collecting resources is pointless. Provide players with a choice: Include time skip (like on Cataclysm) to speed through collecting resources or simply allow players to collect all resources or to hyperspace completely which will have an impact on the next mission.
  6. Homeworld 2: Make it possible salvage the additional Progenitor. Again this will add an additional challenge in doing so.
  7. Add a star/ranking system due to battle experience (Just like in Cataclysm) where a 5 star ranking is highest. Each star increases speed, defence or unlocks special weapons…
  8. Include brief encounters in the back drop of the Bentusi or other races who simply observe from a distance or in exchange for x amount of resources could provide assistance…
  9. Homeworld 1: Make buying or trading more part of the game. Include encounters of other races for additional technology or information regarding your past or enemies during gameplay…
  10. In your re-mastered additional include both OST for HW1 & HM2

I have other ideas. Please ask if you need them…

(Alpha 1) #2

These might work for a HW:3 but frankly I want the remastered to be the original games with the graphical improvements and bug fixes, no new features.

(Dragonlost) #3

Something I would really like to have would be a screensaver of just random battles.

(BitVenom) #4

You are #23791 with that suggestion. I will do Mod support at/after launch, and very much want to see or help see this happen, big time.

(Daviator 89) #5

Those are some cool ideas man, but I think I’d really prefer to wait until HW 3 for that type of enhancement. I want the remastering project to simply be that, and thankfully it looks like that’s what GBX will deliver. Following the PAX stuff at the weekend my excitement levels are soaring!