Rematch "feature"

PLEASE turn off the automatic rematch “feature”. Or at least let me choose whether or not I want to rematch.
I’m still viewing the statistics of the previous match when a new match is started and characters chosen already.
And just because I don’t want to be stuck with a random character, my only option is to exit out and wait for the match to end before I can do anything. Honestly, right now this, and not OP characters, is making this game unenjoyable.

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Once the Victory/Defeat screen goes away, you can go back to matchmaking and cancel your queue. I like it the way it is now because it allows a team of randoms that happens to work well to evolve to a “premade.”


You can go back to lobby and press “E” if you’re on PC to leave the match-making.

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The OP’s complaint is specifically that unless you exit the match results VERY QUICKLY, you’re in a rematch already. There should be an option to opt out of that in the options, or maybe as a toggle DURING the results?


Ahhh, apologies, my bad. I thought he meant he couldn’t get out of match-making.

Yeah gotta agree, it’s annoying sometimes when you wanna check out the stats and suddenly you have to vote on the map.

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Yall know yall can check you match scores and junk even after you exited the original one, and I’m pretty sure it’s like a 20 sec timer before it starts to rematch you <.<


I LOVE THIS. Was allready done with Battleborn because 30+ min waits in matchmaking. I read there where some improvements and they are great. I can finally play a few matches in a row. Before, 1 match per hour was average. Now, I was able to finish 3 matches in 1 hour…

I don’t like it, it’s assuming that I want to play again with the same people and that I want to play another game.

If it’d ask me if I’d like to requeue then it’d be a decent system.

I like the idea in theory, but in practice it is making the short team issue exponentially worse. The timer for rematch is like a hair trigger compared to the charater select screen which should be reduced.

Without a “fix” for short teams and a deadman’s switch to opt in or be dropped after each match this feature should be suspended.

I love the feature, played with a group for 3 games last night and we kicked butt. It was quick and awesome.

However, they should have made it prompt you with a rematch option instead of being automatic. Meaning you would have the option for 20 seconds to rematch and if you don’t decline and time runs out then your automatically put in the rematch. This makes much more sense.

I personally prefer looking at the stats right after. Yeah I can look at my match history but I get caught up looking at what everyone did and the scores because I’m excited about the match results and I don’t notice the requeue timer.

Agreed, this should be a feature in the option menu. Generally I don’t play the same game type too many times in a row and want time to look at the stats of the last match without worrying about being thrown into a new match right away. It’s inconvenient to have to back out, then go back to match history to see the stats, then back to public versus to find a new game. The feature is nice if I want to get a couple quick games in but should definitely be optional.

It seems like those of us who haven’t really ever had a problem with wait times dont like the feature. I want to check the stats before I jump in to another game with the same people just to see if they were at least trying to do the little things to win. However the ones that have had trouble with wait times this seems to really help them. Which is a great thing I dont think this is game breaking for us who are a little annoyed by it but it was game breaking for those who could only play one match every hour or so. You can always back out n go check the match history for the stats if your like me n just want to see if there’s anything I could be doing better like buildables and stuff

I think it should be as it is, but instead of giving you 30 seconds to opt out, it should give you 30 seconds to opt in.

Then if a person fails to opt in they are dropped and a new search begins.
This would streamline the queue significantly better than an option in the menu or a checkbox which would still lead to higher instances of failed matchmaking that results from quits and AFK players.

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I’ve mentioned this elsewhere but you should be able to opt-in or opt-out. Choose which one you prefer in the settings.

I feel like this simple fix would solve most, if not all, issues with the rematch feature right now.