Remember OP levels? Why don't shields etc scale like that?

Got several transformers in m10, same stats :frowning:

Nothing but guns scales sadly.


That is some bs on gearbox’s part
The enemies hit harder, there’s like twice as many, Gdamn

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Enemies dont hit harder, there is no percentage increase to enemy’s base damage. They just have more time to kill you ^.^


Enemies damage don’t scale up (CoV are just still as OP as they were before). So survivability didn’t scaled up either.

Honnestly that make a shitload of sense cause it would be absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to balance it, as health is level based only.

Also when you see how BAD they are at balancing gun and enemies HP with scaling, I vastly prefer the option where enemies damage won’t scale for the whole existence of the game and therefor will be easier to balance once and for all.


Not like it would change much. There’s already stuff in-game that seems to just randomly bypass your shields or bring them instantly to 0 from having over 60k.

I think that grenades should scale especially since they created a grenade damage anoint.


There are nova shields and spike shields however, whose effects are useless in M10 since they don’t scale.
Add it to the list of things they forgot, with melee damage, slam damage, slide damage, pet damage, grenades, and action skill damage.

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Nova shield and the like need the have their effect scale. The capacity does not. If capacity scales, then enemies need to hit harder to balance. Then it would force us to play the meta game like OP levels did. Many builds would reach a point where they couldn’t go farther because the damage became too much and the skills didn’t help. Don’t boost health, it makes it harder to health gate. Have to have high weapon swap speed, a Moxi gun, and low health pool.

To be honnest, spike damage were useless before too.

Because op levels were kinda silly in regards to enemy damage and revolved entirely around exploiting healthgate and lifesteal/other instant full heal mechanics.

So your actual total shield / health or whatever made literally no difference.

Wether or not enemies do too little damage right now is debateable.

I think not having any enemy damage scaling and no defense scaling on your end is a fairly elegant solution to not having the same problem that op levels had.

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While that may be true, it’s no excuse to make it even more useless.

While I understand that, the new modifiers, especially on m10, can and will completely wreck you, or make an enemy immune to their weakness. A lot of survivability on m4 was from health gating, and now enemies become immune, have drones that make them immune, or are generally just bullet sponges. Think about it like this. Weapons get a 2.5x increase at m10. Enemies get a 12x health/armor/shield increase. Add in all the modifier variables and the fact the drop rates are worse for said weapons, your survivability is greatly reduced. Sure you could just stay at M6, but who is really gonna do that.

I don’t know, maybe my beef is with the modifiers. That floor is lava one drives me damn crazy, as does the immune ones.

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I really disagree with this. Even on M10 its fairly easy. The only real ways you are hitting health gate off the top of my head are the stealth dudes and rotas balls on maliwan takedown.

Pretty much everything else in this game that does huge damage you can fairly easily avoid with movement.

Try going back to BL2 and check out even normal UVHM. Its not even close - the incoming hard to avoid damage in BL3 is fairly low.

I don’t really mind shields not scaling- besides 1 or 2 cases they give % based damage buffs (ie 200% melee damage on a Ward, 120% gun damage on a Rerouter), and those that give flat damage (nova anoint) aren’t used much anyway. Defensively, M10 enemies don’t deal more damage so no point there.

But grenades definitely need to scale. I understand Actions Skills and Pets might be more complex to code but it’s weird they overlooked grenades.

Fair enough, I use Amara so I don’t have a barrier, mech or pet to help. I only have her life steal, and helping hands to help me out. So yeah when enemies are dropping element pools, shooting at me and happen to be immune to my guns, it can get tough.
That being said I’ve just geared up to the point I can easily do the cartel event, the takedown is the only thing that gives me issues at M10

When I first posted I didn’t realize the enemies don’t actually do more damage, it was all the crazy modifiers and my lack of ability to kill fast that was messing me up.

I played Zero in BL2 who had very few ways to health gate, just killed stuff before it killed me or used stealth when I was in trouble.