Remember Pacifist Challenge?

So, long ago in a distant land, someone came up with an idea for a pacifist challenge, for a team to win without directly killing any enemy Battleborn. That was a pretty interesting idea to make matches against new players harder.

So why not bring it back? With much stronger minions, it should be more feasible, even for a random veteran group against newbies.

And, since Gearbox are very likely to do something to bring in new and retired players to the game, encouraging this purely objective based challenge could be nice. Maybe reward it somehow, an epic loot pack, double credits, or like 2 platinum.


"long ago in a distant land"
someone’s been catching up on samurai jack recently
(sorry, off topic)


I’m all for, way too many experienced players want to farm new players.

I usually feel like I’m already getting rewarded through the absence of most guilt. Just feel slightly guilty in the sense that it may very well be condescension just staying around doing nothing.


I’m all for this. xD

There’s a few other challenges you can try too. Like a no helix challenge, or instead picking augments that you wouldn’t normally choose in a million years, which make for some interesting builds. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Offhand melee only makes for a laugh too. I know @Viraforti played a melee Marquis, (wish I could’ve been part of that game), and I once saw a random Boldur on my team using his quick melee only which had me in hysterics.

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I have played quick melee only matches with Whiskey, Attikus, Montana, Ghalt, and Marquis. (Maybe others, but those are the ones I remember as especially amusing.)

Whiskey and Ghalt were savage, and I actually went 15-0 or something with the Whiskey. Better DPS than my melee Mellka tbh :cry:

I got Old Man Cranky with the Attikus and all I allowed myself was enough quick melee to knock them off the pads. Oh Capture.


…Made me smile, for you, glad to see that.

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It wouldn’t be pvp but more exclusively pve combat. I’m all against pve elements been on a pvp environment but that’s part of moba games I guess.

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Still doing that against newbies once in a while.

Already on Season 3 :wink:

just finished season four an hour ago, git gud skroob! jkjk, but i did finish S4 tho

Was the funniest thing ever. I was cracking up so hard.
Basically all you heard was, “b*tch” this that and the third. And her mentioning how much she hated the enemy Orendi that she was wailing on. Was a great game
Marquis Pimp Slap for the win

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