Remember the $100,000 loot hunt? I don't

If anyone were to ask me, I would say that I’m a seasoned veteran on Borderlands 2. I’ve put hundreds, hell, maybe even thousands of hours into this game. The only problem is, I started too late. I missed what may have been the most helpful event the Dev. team at Gearbox ever created. All I want is a grog nozzle that will stay in my inventory even AFTER I finish wizard Claptrap’s mission. So I ask you beautiful people of the Borderlands community, do any of you have extra Grogs? I have a multitude of different things I could trade for it, just let me know what you want.

I’m on PS3/PS4 and would like a level 72 Grog.

Sorry for the lengthy post, just wanted to get my point across.

I have an op8 one but not a 72 sorry

I have extra but like the other said, mine are also op8 but I will give it to you so when ever you do reach op8 you can use it. PSN soccerfella101