Remember when gaming was dead this time of year?

Regardless of any particular affinity towads this game or that game - it’s nice to see that the summer isn’t a gaming wasteland these days. Tons of major releases, particularly games with competitive gameplay and longevity, leading into the summer months (since who needs sunburns anyways?).

It’s nice to have to actually choose what to play!


Agreed! Used to be you got a decent game in March/April and then had to suffer through a gaming drought until October time.

But this year it looks like I won’t have to leave the house all summer. Hoorah! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Particularly looking forward to No Mans Sky myself.

September persona 5! -wait in the shadows-

Between battleborn, fallout 4 survival mode, r6 siege, and total war warhammer the sun and I are not friends

Too me it still feels like a wasteland. Fallout 4, DOOM, BB, No Man’s Sky (still 4 weeks), December.
Sure there is a lot of games out there. I also have like 230 on steam. Guess how many I actually played or want to play in the future.

NoMansSky looks amazing, I can´t wait for its release as well!!!
But this summer feels right on spot to me - so many games, so little money …:slight_smile:

Oh, MirrorsEdge Catalyst! :wink:


Tried to get into the first Mirrors Edge but couldn’t get to terms with the parkour mechanics and the weak combat.
ME looks nice though on paper and visually. Will pass on Catalyst. Maybe pick it up down the road when its on sale next year. Load it up, get put off during the first 30 minutes. Never touch it again. Also I hate playing a sequel when I haven’t played the original.

Yes, I do… and I miss it…

I used to go outside…
Participate in activities…
See the sun…
Meet people…

Now I’m trapped beating people into submission with an electrified thrall.
What have I become?


Dude I hate all those things.

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Next expansion for Witcher 3 drops on the 31st! Then No Man’s Sky & Mighty No 9 on June 21st. And even WoW’s Legion in Aug/Sept. Definitely more year-round gaming seasons coming into play.

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I recall reading something last year that said the video game market actually makes more profit now than movies/music/books combined.
Don’t quote me - I cannot find this now and I forget the exact details, but I am certain i read it somewhere.
Also, Mobile gaming, love it or hate it, is turning out to be extremely lucrative and has broken down a lot of barriers in respect to the nerdy image gaming used to have. Due to this and other factors, the increase in demand has resulted in a year round hunger for games and content. Yeah theres more junk, but also more gems.

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The movie industry is ■■■■■■■ itself over here in Germany. Sure Bethesda is overzealous when it comes to pleasing the censorship bureau to the point where you cannot circumvent region locks that are not even required by law.
The movie industry hardly has any restrictions anymore. However they completely fail at offering a streaming service
that could compete with the local small town video rental store that we used to have.

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I’m suffering from game overload this year honestly. Expansions dropping everywhere, new heroes coming out in other games, early alpha for WH40K Eternal Crusade, BB, OW, Legion coming(probably won’t have time to play it), I think I even ordered Blade & Soul and just never really had time to play it.


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Well this is pretty much unplayable now, so that should save you some time.

Not really sure what you mean as the Alpha is up and running and adding new content every week with a summer release scheduled…?

Have you tried playing it since the unreal engine patch was released?

I have not but I never had FPS issues in any of the other versions of the game even on max settings. I’ll have to load it up tonight, just been taking a break because I don’t want to burn out and I need my damn Eldar already haha.

Yeah trying to avoid playing to much during early access myself, for the same reason. But thought i’d check out the big patch and my rig didn’t get on too well at all, looks nice tho :slight_smile:

For all no mans sky hopefuls

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