Remember when gearbox made good games

remember brothers in arms and half life expansions? even the halo 1 port was neat

hopefully they can redeem themselves and bring that 06 bia demo as a real game


I think the Borderlands series was very very very very very good. Battleborn is brilliant.

They may not be to your taste, but to imply they were ‘bad’ seems a bit of a stretch.

Oh my, the first time I find myself disagreeing with @Psychichazard!

There, that looks better! (PS. Totes off-topic but I just ordered Soul Music and whatever the next one is called. Got some travelling to do, so good reads is a must!!)

No…I can’t remember. I showed up just for Aliens, and we all know how that went. Got borderlands 1 as a unasked for birthday gift. Deleted it after a day or two. Borderlands 2 was a PS+ freebie, didn’t bother wasting the download time. So my entire company view is based on a shell of a demo and a annoying robot.

do you happen to be on the gearbox payroll?

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Forum Moderators are not employees of Gearbox, and the chances of a game demo from 2006 actually being developed into a game (10 years later) are very very slim at best.

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im talking about making another bia that is what that demo was. it was amazing

Well all 3 of the borderlands are great. And didn’t gearbox help with/make duke nuckeum

Oh, I wish. No, my opinion differs from yours completely for free.

I only enjoyed the BIA series from them, i tried other games by them, most of them were bad, others boringly average.
That’s just my opinion though, no offence is meant.

You listed every game I laughed at when it was recommended to me, due to them being generic, and insulted a game I’ve been waiting two years for.
And you left out borderlands. I am sad more about that than you not liking bb.

in my eyes they still do make good games they really heavnt made a bad game well expect for maybe colonel marines at launch

They just used Sega’s money to fund bl2, so aliens sucked :stuck_out_tongue: maybe not true, but… If it is, they made the right choice.

if you want to spend the time on it, the statich meshes they created for that demo are still in the files that came with BIA:HH’s pc version. I know because I remember seeing them as I was ploughing through them when making my own missions.