Remember when hotfixes were regular enough that they could be classified separately from events?

Those were the days. :older_man:
Oh oh oh, and remember when hotFIXES actually FIXED things? :crazy_face:
Instead of actually just being events trying to drum up a few more players to peddle Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands to?



I also member when you were told that issues were getting looked into and companies were aware of them they actually meant what they said.


Just the inevitable dying stages of a two year old game, sadly. As soon as they publicly announced Wonderlands i knew it was over for BL3.

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Remember when the game was released? Woah, it was over two years ago. Wild.

Obligatory disclaimer: yes, the game has outstanding issues, and it’s fair that people want to see them fixed. But whining about the release cycle of a game that’s two years old, or any advertising of an up-and-coming title, is just that - whining.


Remember when they cared enough to keep buffing underpowered items… yea me either


Pepperidge Farms remembers.


No its called completing a game that needs to be fixed not whining. So to me you want them to just totally drop the last of the support for BL3 and move on to the “Tina” game instead? We been asking for move fixes for quite a while and no response of anything from them. Seems to me your going to give them cash anyway and just let them repeat the cycle of releasing a new game without fixing the current one first.
A bad habit to start.


Yeah, 6 months worth of fixes in a two year bag. Whoa indeed. :roll_eyes:

Better than kowtowing and/or boot licking.


I just want the krieg DLC bridge to be fixed, bought a new console (series S) and the full premium version of the game for playing the dlcs, and i cant continue playing because the bridge is a “null” object.
pretty dumb to put the dlcs 50% off and not giving us next gen console players a playable dlc.

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i mean ppl do tell me consistently that the game isnt dying

meanwhile we dont get actual patches

  • we are pretty much not going to get new content ( exept dlc 6 actually finishing development with the last vault card)

  • no / or rarely any new patches

  • also we get a FOMO limited time borderlands 3 ultimate edition for ps5 and xbox x, which also doesnt feature an accurate discription of how the dlcs will be delivered
    like… is it again a code for a download? or will it be on disc? i read the discription but it rly only says comes with the dlcs, and before other editions who stated this had just a code.

you can feel how little there is as it is right now.
there management of bl3 is either refusing to save the game or they gave up and hope wonderlands will get a few folks to come back.

pretty sure the next vault card is wonderlands themed for advertisment


I don’t think BL3 has had a “manager” for some time. This would explain the random and odd nature of their various changes and hotfixes, not to mention how many errors they introduce.

Having a different opinion is “bootlicking”, okay :sweat_smile:

I guess you didn’t read:

If the opinion is “don’t blame the devs for the issues they made and refused to fix at all, let alone in a timely fashion” and “this is just the way it is”, then yes, you are in their pocket.

“No disrespect, but [disrespectful comment].”


I thought this thread was for snarking about stuff in hotfixes? You moving on to “everyone who disagrees with me is a shill” already?

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Hey Ota saw you on the Reddit forum too, nice meme

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