Remember when menus

were so slick?


I don’t remember such a feature in BL3.

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Because it’s BL2.

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But they were not slick. At least I had problems with it. Similar to the one we have now in BL3. I couldn’t select a gun if I moved the mouse immediately after the menu loaded. I had to close the whole menu, and open it again to work properly.

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Now now I think its getting hot in here

It was funny, I was just going through some old bl2 captures, clearing some stuff.

I noted how different BL2 was from BL3 but mostly better…but then I saw the menu and how slick it worked and was like…GBX…whyyyyyy…


Different game, different engine, different resolution textures, more VFX…

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accepted, but at the cost of performance and subsequently irk of the players…


I mean, they’re pretty much like that for me in BL3 these days.

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fair enough. PC has it.

try a console…better yet…try a console on multiplayer.


You’re making the use-case very specific here. Everybody knows (well, a lot of people definitely know) consoles in general have had a lot of issues with BL3. I’m not blaming the console here, just pointing it out.

I wouldnt say the use case is specific, unless you boil it down to 3-4 console models.

But the menu issue has been a day 0 problem for consoles and pc’s alike, it’s gotten better but still way off being slick.

Given its the key interaction point of the game, simplicity and efficiency would’ve fared better than adding vfx which add nothing.

I go to the skill tree and see my avatar performing some rudimentary animation…so what, only I can’t access the skill tree until it renders properly.

Now while I appreciate the version of BL2 I captured was as final as it gets, it definitely favoured function over form.

If there was a way to dumb the menu gfx down and provide a more optimal menu system, I’d take it in a heart beat.

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Don’t make me upload a video of the utterly BROKEN menu on PC…Have you tried to access your inventory from a vending machine?


It’s a more specific use case than “remember when menus”, that’s all. The inventory is pretty darn slick on PC now.

You want to talk about other performance issues? Don’t let me stop you, but that wasn’t what I was replying about. If you want to keep bringing up BL2, also recognise that the performance in that game - outside of the menus (also including the menus at times - see @propelerhead’s post) - isn’t that slick either.

That’s a bug from the latest patch. I don’t understand the threat - my video was created as a response to the OP’s.

Oh yeah I totally love how it constantly shows me the wrong icons - still.

Haven’t had that in a few patches myself - the worst one for me is the blank skill icons on COMs, randomly.

But sure, my experience is anecdotal. So is everyone elses’ in this thread.

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It was a glib statement to my #1 issue with BL3.

BL2 wasn’t a perfect game, far from it - and I also acknowledged that the version I played was pretty much the final state - so had plenty of spit n polish since launch.

But I get a little frustrated when the devs do focus time on some non-issue and haven’t managed to address (fully) the ineraction element.

I’ve never had an issue with my menu’s what are you at?

It wasn’t a threat. More of a tongue and cheek comment. Your video response to the OP was seeming to imply how good the inventory is on PC compared to console and my statement was to refute that sentiment.

It’s not just broken on vending machines. Icons still display incorrectly. When withdrawing items from the bottom of the bank window it (frequently) randomly “resets” to the top of the page forcing you to scroll all the way back down again and try to figure out where you were moments before. This is a huge PITA when trying to withdraw or compare multiple items. Mod icons frequently don’t load properly so you can’t see what bonuses are on them unless you withdraw them from the bank. The inventory (even on PC) is a hot mess.

It needs to be reworked or something and that’s also not including the fact that there should be a better way to organize items in a 300 item SHARED bank instead of just lumping it all together in one big windows. They need to add CUSTOM BANK TABS so we can organize all this stuff how we want. This isn’t some revolutionary idea. A F2P game already does it brilliantly (Path of Exile). /rant


Fast, perhaps, but to me “slick” implies a stylishness that was lacking.