Remembering 2016: What were your favorite games and/or memories of this year?

THiRD SHiFT wants to hear from you! This week’s episode had the guys recapping their favorite games and memories of the year.

What were your favorite games and/or memories?

Games included in this week’s episode:
≈28:00 Witcher 3
≈28:30 Zero Time Dilemma
≈28:55 Beyond: Two Souls
≈29:30 The Witness
≈31:27 Final Fantasy XV
≈32:53 Titanfall 2 (Matt’s #3)
≈36:12 Destiny: Rise of Iron
≈36:50 Doom (Eric’s #3)
≈39:22 The Division (Matt’s #2)
≈42:52 World of Warcraft: Legion (Eric’s #2)
≈45:02 Battleborn (Matt & Eric’s #1)

Wish I could say Ittle Dew. Bought it this year and absolutely fell for its charm.

Stainless finally managed to release a proper Carmageddon sequel, and I enjoy Bb. But for the rest I didn’t really buy new titles that were released this year. And the only ones coming up for next year are Nier Automata and Horizon Zero Dawn.

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One of the only new games I snagged this year was Watchdogs 2. It’s far from perfect or amazing, but succeeds in being a lot of fun regardless.

Favorite memory:

In the middle of working out a puzzle on the Stanford campus to grab a power up I got invaded. Launched my drone and miraculously picked the invader out of a crowd instantly. Swapped back to normal view, pulled out my rifle and dropped him before he could even react.
Turned around and went back to work like it was the most casual thing. Wish I’d had the presence of mind to record it…


I enjoyed this game a lot. Here is a few pics I took while playing.


[quote=“THiRDSHiFTme, post:1, topic:1553107”]What were your favorite games and/or memories?[/quote]…that’s not Borderlands 2? I know I played something else… :thinking:

The new Doom is quite good, especially once you get all runed up and can start making “builds”. My favorite memory from this was discovering that with the right rune set and the chainsaw, you can do a surprisingly long-distance dash, akin to Zer0’s Execute.

The Redux version of Hard Reset also pulled me out of Pandora briefly, similarly for the addition of a dash and melee function. The dash was a game changer, as many of the enemy attacks involve crashing into you, but the ‘cyber katana’ didn’t seem to hit as hard as I would have liked.

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Digimon 3

My favorite games from this year are Battleborn and Final Fantasy 15.

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