Reminiscing on our early years and nostalgic gaming moments

So, I’ve been thinking lately. I’m still young at the age of 16 but getting older sucks. Sure, I look forward to having a family in the future and the open doors to careers and money but that’s about it. I’d give anything to go back to being 8-13 where life was so simple and we lived without responsibilities. My fondest memories in all my life and gaming in general came from those years when I would go to a friends house with a controller, memory card, and some candy for a sleepover and play all manners of games on the PS2 from Tony Hawk, Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, Burnout and many more. For the longest time it was just me and my two closest friends living in a small town outside of Portland Oregon where our schools would struggle to hit 600 students max. It was quiet, sunny, peaceful and I miss it more than anything in the world. Compare that to where I’m at now in a semi quiet town, a HUGE school with 2,700 students, a couple of really good friends but most of them are moving andI have no direction for what I want to do later on other than graduate early. The only thing that makes me remotely happy is playing my PS4. Don’t get me wrong, the games from today are often great but on the other side of the coin, tons of them have problems like releasing unfinished or with a serious lack of effort or support from the dev team. Today’s gaming landscape has a lot of triple A titles coming out that prove to be lifeless games with nothing of substance other than pretty graphics and little else. Not to say that this is all of them but it’s more apparent now than ever. I know I touched on this in another thread but I deeply miss playing with friends through splitscreen. Online is great but nothing can ever compare to sitting next to your best friend and messing around in some of your favorite games. It might just be nostalgia talking but I feel like gaming now lacks a lot of passion that it had back in the days. I’m walking a pretty fine line here because obviously there are games that are phenomenal and have full support from devs and fans alike but gaming seemed a bit more heartfelt in the late 90s and early to mid 2000s. Most likely because it was a relatively new medium and the only people in it were people who were truly passionate about making games. So with all that I want to ask you guys, what are your favorite memories from being younger playing games and why do you miss it so much?


I don’t miss it - those games are all still available if I want to play them; I’m just a different gamer now.

My earliest memories of video gaming were playing on an Atari 2600. We had a bunch of games, and we’d pick a bunch out and try to create a storyline based on the games, then play the games in that sequence to act out the story. We needed about as much imagination to fit the games to the storyline as we did for the game animation to look like its representation, but we’d stay up very late doing this some weekends. I think we were 11 in 1984.

Later in high school, a friend had a Nintendo and we’d rent a game to play over the weekend. I’d spend the night, we’d get some fun snacks, and play all night until we got to the end of the game (or died trying)… Castlevania, Little Nemo: The Dream Master, Super Mario Brothers, several others.

Good times.

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I’m currently 17 and a half, (Almost 18) and my earliest gaming memory would have to be playing educational games on my parent’s computer when I was 3 or 4. I wasn’t a console gamer back then.

When I was 7, We bought a Nintendo Wii and we would play Wii Sports and Wii Play together.

Later on, I got a Google Nexus 7 when I was 12 and my mom and I would play Words with Friends and Angry Birds on Facebook.

When I became a teenager, I got a Steam account and started playing games like Alien Swarm and Quake II with my dad, and Sanctum 2 with my friends.

I still play video games with my family and friends to this day.


Sometimes it doesn’t need to be nostalgic, old things becomes a new. Michael Ironside can talk to me all day.


Oh, I just saw this. I have two older brothers and first started gaming on Genesis/SNES. I miss the days of playing legendary games co-op/splitscreen with them, going to Hollywood Video or Blockbuster on Friday night to rent games, and most of all: getting the complete game right off the bat and being able to go home and play it immediately. No day one patches or DLC.


Wow - just saw this - I don’t spend much time over here.
I’ve got a couple years on Ad - so I also ( dimly ) remember getting square eyes with my cousin playing Asteroids on his Atari. This would have been around 1978? Good god that’s 40 years ago :grimacing:

Then in the early 80’s when Colecovision came out and a bunch of us huddled around the console trading turns playing Burger Time and Super Cobra.

That was about it for games for me for a long time - I didn’t play anything in high school and I dropped of the face of the planet for the entirety of the 90’s ( good times, heh ). On a lark around 2005 I grabbed three PC games from a clearance bin that effectively ended my life as I knew it : Dungeon Lords “Collector’s Edition” ( a cheeky way of saying “this time we actually patched all those bugs that made the game useless” ), Space Rangers ( a Russian space game - such a great game! ) and Half-Life 2.

Then I found BL1 and that sealed my fate.

I don’t get the feeling that corporate giants have killed the soul of game design. Sure there are lots of offenders, but think of all the indie games that didn’t exist 10 years ago. For every EA debacle there’s an Undertale success story.

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Playing mortal kombat on my dad’s super Nintendo at the ripe age of 3(I’m 20) Still one of my favorite game series.

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First games I played were on an Atari thing- pong, brickbreaker, tennis and some lightgun shooting games.

Amazing stuff, for the time. I’m nearly 50, btw. Then it was PC all the way, zx81, BBC micro, Commodore, etc. Defender was the first game that really got it’s hooks into me, that and Elite.

Then Unreal Tournament (Goty), Doom, Descent, Carmageddon…

Freespace 2 was astonishing. The early Star Wars flight games, too. Ground Control…Neverwinter Nights…I played a lot of Spore, Battlefield Heroes…


y’all remember that pinball game on Windows back then?


I think so. I remember sitting up in school computer labs playing unblocked games for hours back in like 4th and 5th grade


@gammuh, I know what you’re talking about! I used to play a lot as a kid as well.

I think it was called “Space Cadet”.

Also, Who remembers this game?

It was SO GOOD! But it was short-lived… :cry: