Remote Play Controls?

Hello, Is there a way to change the remote play (vita) controls? The default is definitely unplayable (shooting and aiming are pressing on the touchscreen which is impossible to do while moving or aiming). Simply swapping the L1 / L2 around and the R1 / R2 around would make sense for a default and match other shooters on the vita (so grenade is on the touch screen not main trigger). I realize you can change the controls in borderlands but then every time you have to change your controls. Thanks! (Loving the smooth as silk 60fps PS4 play - its better than I had ever hoped!)

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I’ve passed this along to the team for you, @honcoop_chris. I think this is interesting and as a frequent remote-play player myself, love where your head’s at.

I wanted to follow up on the buttons for remote play from the ps4 to ps vita and check on the ETA of the button mapping ? The way buttons are for the vita version of bl2 is perfect and should be transferred to remote play or the in game button mapping should have some type of save option so we won’t have to change every time we switch between remote control to remote play.

No news yet, but it’s being looked into.