Remote Play Needs to Awesome

Hello everyone. I’m relatively new here on the forums but I wanted to share with the community some thoughts on remote play for the PS4 version of Battleborn. For convenience here’s a link to my YouTube video:

As a gesture of good faith to prove I’m not here to just plug my channel or use this forum to artificially inflate my channel traffic and more importantly, to make further discussion easier to reference, below is the button configuration I suggest in the video:

Dualshock 4 -> Vita (in-game command)
L2 -> L (zoom, alt. fire, aim down sights, left helix tree option)
R2 -> R (shoot, slash, primary attack, right helix tree option)
Left Stick -> Left Stick (move)
Right Stick -> Right Stick (look)
D-pad -> D-pad (up = helix tree; down, left, & right = emotes?)
X -> X (jump)
Square -> Square (reload)
Triangle -> Triangle (ultimate ability)
Circle -> Circle while not moving (crouch)
L3 -> Circle while moving (sprint)
Circle while sprinting -> Circle while sprinting (slide, if applicable)
R3 -> Rear touch pad (melee)
Touch pad -> Center area of touch screen (map?)
Options -> Start (menu?)
Share -> Select
L1 -> Bottom-left corner of touch screen
R1 -> Bottom-right corner of touch screen

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Bl2, Bl2 Vita edition and TPS allowed you to customise every single button to any function.

So I wouldnt be worried.

Yes, the customization option is there but the point I’m trying to make is that we shouldn’t need to switch buttons around because the remote play configuration should be top notch from the start. Also, things like my suggested sprint command can’t be done from the player’s end. It’s about taking a feature the console has and finding a way to maximize its effectiveness.

Not everyone will be completely satisfied by a standard control scheme, no matter the preset.

I am sure it will be good enough. Aside from the completely nonsensical default setting it’s pretty good for both TPS and BL2 otherwise and my current internet connection just barely hits the minimum requirement. They’ll probably put more thought into the default setting.

That’s more or less what I’m trying to accomplish - raising awareness that remote play is a feature that PS4 & Vita owners use so the button configuration for it should be well-thought out. In my video I reference Killzone: Mercenary which proved pretty definitively how to make an FPS work on the Vita especially when it comes to making up for the missing buttons from a controller. The default isn’t always good enough and it is my sincere hope that this conversation will prompt GBX to make an awesome control scheme.

I really do agree with you. At least ADS and shooting should be put on L and R respectively by default, these are the most comfortable buttons for that.

Maybe @Jythri would have more information on the dev side of Remote Play and have a better idea of what would work and what wouldn’t.

Just got my Vita!! now i must say i hope its good to! but i quickly had a play around with Bl2 and TPS and i must say i trust Gearbox to deliver just as brilliant service with this game too :smiley:

Welcome to the Vita club! I’m sure GBX will pull through but I wanted to try my hand at the whole “I think I have a good idea because I actually use remote play a lot so I know what works for the handheld but I don’t know if it can be done on the development side.” Maybe @JoeKGBX will volunteer as our liason with any luck?

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