Removal of Novice QuickMatch Queue

Hey everyone,

We wanted to make you aware that today, we’ll be removing the Novice QuickMatch queue from Battleborn. This change will begin rolling out shortly. We believe this will consolidate the playerbase and be an improvement for both new players and veterans alike.

As always, thanks for your support and for playing Battleborn!


Hmm… the title of the thread might cause some confusion/false hope (you know all of those who despise the current “quick match only” queue and beg for a separate Incursion queue again)
Or maybe it’s just me reading it in a weird way… anyway even if it doesn’t really affects me, news is news and I like it!


The title is unfortunately a tad misleading because I thought it meant removing QM completely which would only leave Bots Match in public Qs :open_mouth:

Let’s hope this improves things a little!

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Damn it… My tiny, Avian heart skipped a beat there, because i read the title as meaning the ONLY PVP queue would be taken down…

I misinterpreted the title as well.

Was afraid to lod up Battleborn to only see this again :scream:

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hahaha ooouufff…

Yes I second a modification for the title.

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Title edited! Thanks, everyone!


Next Thursday, there will be a Twitch right? About the next update? Right? Please?

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Gimme all the FRESH MEAT :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Shame, Ash! SHAME!!


I’ve been off Battleborn alot these past weeks, I’m HUNGRY!!


I would LOVE a stream about the last update.

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Then have a Snickers. You turn into a merciless animal when you’re hungry… :smirk:


Not just when I’m hungry… if ya know what I mean :wink:




@ashbweh @SirWalrusCrow

We never talk anymore!

How the f*ck are you guys?!?


Just for clarification, was Novice QM queue the only one that free trial players could play in until they hit Command Rank 20?

I wasn’t tagged, but I can answer that: No. Bots Battle was made available from the beginning a while ago (around the time when I tried to get into PS4). Novice QM was an option until CR 20, but after reaching CR 10 you also could enter regular QM.

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Ah, ok.

Thank you.

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