Remove Character Locking

It really bugs me that when you select a character you must lock in before it shows up for anyone else. It should be just like other games where you can either

  1. Change your character after selecting it
  2. Make it something like League or Smite where you select a character, it shows up for the team, and if you like the team comp you can lock in.

I pretty much fill the gaps when I play in PVP (except for tanking, I’m god awful at that). So often times I wait 30-60 seconds before I choose a character. But it is very frustrating that if I lock in with Miko, and someone locks in as Kleese, then the one person didn’t choose until after and locks Reyna (yes that has happened, more than once, we lost…every time). I would have changed my character if I had seen their choices before hand.

Team Comp > My favorites.


Yeah agreed.
But I was under the impression that the character we wanted to pick appeared for the others and was “pre-locked” as soon as we clicked on it, during the “are you sure you want to pick this character” message. Meaning it would still be possible to back up and pick someone else then…
But I’m not sure. I tend to just let everyone else pick their char and then go with what is missing.

Not sure about that, but I have had a character selected and on the Yes/No lock part and someone locked them in first.

It definitely doesn’t Just tested with a friend. It only shows who you’ve selected when you click yes.

Okay! I wasn’t sure anyway. Thanks!


Seriously, this needs changed

I’d like to second this. I think at the very least a preview of your character you’re hovering over should be shown, and wen you choose them, it becomes locked and shows on screen it is locked. That way it’s still similar but allows people to communicate without a mic on who they’d like to play as

Nope. The other day, I had selected Alani, then it was locked in by someone before I could click yes.