Remove claptrap?

Is there a way to just remove that annoying POS character? I’ve played for about 15 minutes and I’m about to just abandon the game altogether. What a terrible idea for a character.

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Yeah starwars should get rid of luke, Nintendo get rid of Mario, dark souls get rid of patches, Minecraft get rid of Steve. Claptrap is one of the top 3 most iconic characters from the series


Not sure how this is a good defense of the annoyance the character brings to this installment of the series

If you’ve played the other games you should know the design is 100% on purpose. They want him to be annoying, they know a lot of people dislike him(idk why he’s one of the best characters and the 2nd best playable in TPS)

Hell you erase his entire species in TPS and that didn’t stop him


Yes, obviously he wasn’t put in by accident. I’m not asking for defenses of the character, or justifications why I should find him less annoying. I’m asking if it’s possible to remove him (or aspects of his voice or dialogue, etc)

I’ve played bl and bl2… And in those games it’s not as in your face as this one. In fact in the first one the sheer number of claptraps you interact with dillutes the experience because of different personalities.

Tell me again why it’s acceptable for him to be more annoying this time around?

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Ask gearbox, it’s obvious they did it on purpose. Probably because people like y’all who get annoyed


No, there’s not even vertical split screen as an option - hoping for the ability to remove characters will forever be a pipe dream.


Would it comfort y’all to know that there are people that hate Tiny Tina, Mr Torgue, Mordecai, and every other NPC you can think of? To be fair, these are opinions, therefore they cannot be objectively right or wrong.

I kind of agree with @Piemanlee on this one.

They’re trolling us. All of us. You can’t stop them once they get on a troll.

To address OP for a moment, not without violating console terms of service and/or possibly the forum rules. You may find a satisfactory answer to this query elsewhere, but almost definitely not here.


Let’s see, Claptrap featured as an NPC in Borderlands and Borderlands 2, also as a player character and NPC in the Pre-Sequel. And (shocking twist of plot) yes, he is designed to be annoying.

I am somewhat fascinated by the fact that someone:

and is already complaining on the forums…
But that’s none of my business.

Welcome to the fair land of subjective opinions. How annoying an NPC would be belongs fairly into that area.


Lol, he is annoying. Espescially in 2. Minion my ass your my minion!

I’m amused by how aggro people get about defending opinions. I’m not obsessed with borderlands. I’ve played the previous ones a fair bit. I got this one for free with my new rig and I’m testing out playing it on linux. I’m probably not going to keep playing it if I can’t get rid of that annoying character. Pretty much all there is to it.

I am somewhat amused that someone may drop a game after less than half an hour, just because they dislike a single NPC. :man_shrugging:

But oh well, it was free, so why bother?


Does that mean you opened this thread to aggro folks? Are you playing tank for the internet? Should we be watching for a flanking maneuver?

I’ll defend your opinion too, btw. I just think that every opinion is valid. As I said before, if you are asking a serious question about removing Our Fair Clappy, you would most likely get a response you could work with elsewhere because talk of such dark code magics is verboten here.


I mean their opinion is exactly what whoever created claptrap wanted people to think. Like you said they’re trolling us


if you are asking a serious question about removing Our Fair Clappy, you would most likely get a response you could work with elsewhere

this is probably what I was looking for
probably just play until that annoying voice comes up again then alt+f4

My cat dislikes ClapTrap too, but he likes having him around to attack.



Turn the volume down until you get sanctuary up and running. Then you don’t really have to hear him again


I really like Claptrap. Honestly, I miss the days of BL1 and TPS, when claptraps were more common. So glad to see some extra ones in the new DLC.
But I agree that the Claptrap voice in BL3 is more annoying than the old one (BL1, BL2 and TPS), but still good. If you don’t like him, you can just avoid him for most of the game, though. Easier than BL2 when he was a much bigger part.


You don’t deserve this game.