Remove fighter drive research

Pointless tech is pointless.

Eh. The others need fighter production.

The big pressing issue is that Resource Controller needs to not require research. It’s impossible for HW1 races to win with 1000 starting RUs because of the cost and time to get theiir refineries out.

HW1 Resources controllers pretty much suck right now, only one slot, long research and time to build, i never build them, i stick with MS and the carrier on the rocks.

Because of that HW1 maps are pretty much impossible to play with HW1 races, ironic but true, while HW2 can send fast collectors with controllers to gather resources around the map HW1 collectors take forever traveling and have no controller.

BTW HW1 maps doesnt really fit the HW2 engine rocks are all around the map, doesnt disapear and it seems to me that the balance on the collectors were made on HW2 maps, so… im a HW1 but i’m only playing on HW2 maps…

HW1 resource collectors are much tougher have a large capacity. they don’t need to return to the resource controller anywhere near as much as collectors need to do for refineries.

The time they spend going back and forth is less so they’re more effecient.

The one slot thing isn’t a big problem because the HW1 collectors make less trips.

And there’s actually a funny trick with HW1 resource controllers… you can load them with salvage covettes and drive them on top of a ship, then surprise. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know some people have tested it and show that later on HW1 races collect slower after just a few minutes into the game, though.
There is also a bug where HW1 collectors get stuck and won’t mine if you move another ship too close to them.