Remove Mayhem modifiers OR give us M11

comming back to play DLC4 i had to spend nearly 2 hours rerolling the damn crap modifiers on 1 character (not even going to bother doing that ■■■■ again on the others)

so either remove your crap or give us mayhem 11 where every enemy gets an extra shield/armor/health bar… without crap modifiers cluttering the damn game

an other idea is to remove the randomised crap (why is this even a thing? you realy like wasting your players’ time that much???) and have people set their own modifiers with rewards for every mod they use (also come up with something fun will ya… the current mods are pretty much all ■■■■…)

hell i wouldn’t even mind if you increased the overall health a bit… but for the love of anything…


I have never spent more than 5mins rolling, reiterated this means I have left Mayhem and returned alot. Buddy, lootslpode, laser fire, group beams or puddles.

Not once has this been an issue and it has even prompted me to try modifiers that turned out to be pree good. Pools to no pools and twirling lasers was a mental barrier I had to cross thinking it just wouldnt work unless I rolled my preferred exact set.

Anything that drops damage, adds immunity or tampers with crits I do not use. Never had an issue rolling mods, there are not enough variations to warrant 2hrs. You most likely won’t play unless you get a perfect set, I’m telling you there are a few perfect sets, each with their own fun and things to remember before you start

Eg I played pools for 100hrs, it was refreshing to finally move on to lasers.

Extra: give yourself room, if you get 3 out of 4 right don’t press reroll, go with it, try it out.

I’d rather play on launch mayhem mode than this crap.
At least we didn’t have so much clutter, insta kills and broken scaling.
The game is in such a broken state right now.
-The game isn’t fun : yes being one shooted by every ennemies because they deal m10 damage, or by death, lasers, cryo orbs ect, isn’t fun.
-Weapons either are crap or completely OP, that’s waht you get when you multiply health by 10 and then buff some weapons so they deal 4 times the damage, while 90% of the pool feels damageless.
-I’ve went down to 70 fps average before M2.0 to 45fps average because of all the clutter (lasers, death, orbs everywhere ect).
-They had to bring scaling to action skill damage (that made amara and moze completely brainless to play since you press one button and win the game).
-They had to bring melee scaling : and now all the top builds are white elephant face punchers, with just one weapon and 3 artifacts you can clear all the content in the game the most easily. (Check lazydata new video on punchbot fl4k, tell me this is a fun build).

If they want to keep M2.0 i don’t know for how long the game will stay in this state, they have to change 90% of the weapons in the game, they have to rebalance everything as some VHs( amara and moze cough cough) are broken with M2.0.

Every modifiers (expect some easy ones) are tedious, the problem isn’t even to get the “perfect” roll (even the perfect roll will still play like hell).
The problem is every damn modifier is annoying.


i have 0 problems playing with any of the modifiers… they are just ■■■■■■■ anoying…

80% of them just turn the game into a epileptic seizure inducing trash fest… or in case of galaxy brain… turns everybody into a bobble head :roll_eyes:

the others are just boring/anoying and not fun in any way. also like you said, the ones that change elemental/crit (or any damage) should be removed… played with the fire resistant one… i never use fire damage… so yeah, that one was just a free-bee.

if they weren’t so boring/flashy i (or anybody) would have much trouble with them…


It feels like this game has been designed for kids that like shiny things.
The devs felt obliged to add random crap to bring “fun”.
The experience has been atrocious for me, if they don’t bring a classic borderlands experience, i don’t feel like playing this game for years like i did with the other game from the franchise.
I’m pretty confident when i say the majority of players feel like me (at least old players which played the previous games as well).
Joltz, K6, lazydata, shadowevil… all feel the same as well.


have to agree with you to some degree :wink:

the experience in BL3 wasn’t far as pleasant as i had playing BL2 for all these years.
Even now i kinda like BL2 more then BL3… BL3 just has some QoL stuff that makes it easier to play but the atrocious decisions that the devs made just make this a mediocre game.

old mayhem 4 was great… so i still question why they didn’t continue on that and just created a worse M1-3 difficulty…

Uff fire immunity is a game killer on Moze… Never going to do this again. Also not really able to kill the Wendigo in DLC2 because hes fire resistent lol.

A lot of the modifiers come up to frequently. Post Mortem is such an easy modifier and I love it much much more than Laser-fare, floor is lava, poolparty, or this freeze tag. Anointed enemies are totally broken with some modifiers. They chain lasers when there already dead and spawns lava pools after you destroy them. A laser-fair can spawn a freeze orb and a freeze orb can spawn a laser-fair… Damn I saw once 3 laser-fairs on each other creating a wall of 3 lasers!


forgot to mention i used that on cryo zane :rofl:

i have a classmod and artifact boosting my AR damage, jakobs weapon damage and jakobs crit damage :ok_hand:

clairvoyance wrecks everything on screen hahahaha i have mods for pistol too but i don’t have an artifact (ice breaker) for it

so other then cryo immunity nothing will screw with my build :wink:

i just take healy avenger most of the time haha combined with the buddy system you just can’t die hahahaha (easy FFYL)

I die often enough with moze so I’m not really interested in laser fair. Also although I have the bis tracker I’m not in that playstyle to just throw granades every few seconds to survive. It’s just not fun to hold the trigger and spam granades.