Remove slow from the game

If you’re hit with a slow effect, you’re more than likely done for.

It completely ruins the flow of the game and makes life hell for melee characters especially who are sitting ducks once afflicted. It’s worse than silence since you can at least try and run to safety on Incursion if silenced.

It constantly feels like i am slowed by something and am moving through mud.

I don’t really know what else to say except it’s not fun and I really don’t even feel accomplished when I use slow to kill someone because I know they really had no chance.

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And what is your suggested replacement for slow as a counter for melee characters? Or are you saying that it’s okay for them to move freely at full speed, slashing everything?


That’s the point of CC. If you don’t want to be slowed, identify which enemies can slow and try to avoid them or use another CC effect to counter it. Slow isn’t a death sentence, it’s an advantage, but if you think it is then change your playstyle to avoid being slowed.


Maybe not remove it entirely but they should maybe make a cool down so you can’t be affected by slow again for a few seconds after you’re hit with it.

Right now the game being a never ending string of “I can’t move I can’t move I can’t move I cant move” gets really frustrating, especially as melee.


A general CC cooldown would be good imo. 2-3 seconds maybe? 5 seconds seems like too much considering the pace of the game. Nothing worse than getting stun>slow>blind>stun>dead and nothing you can even do to combat it.


i personally feel removing or “not completely removing” the slow in battleborn is uneccessary. and that’s coming from someone who mains ambra…

for example, i hate the stun of certain characters because if i’m caught at low health or even mid health it’s over, but that’s why i try to avoid stuns and slow downs and counter them.


I generally play Deande and while I wouldn’t mind a cool down for slow as you described it, I feel it is very unneeded. Additionally removing it entirely would be a horrible thing for some characters.

As Deande I don’t get slowed often simply because it is easy to spot the characters that have slow as an option and avoid them (obviously it is near impossible to avoid it all the time) but the vast majority of the PUG’s I end up playing in seem to always get slowed by accelerators which blows my mind. Once more, as Deande, I usually focus the enemies buildables right off the bad, taking out accelerators and thumpers in Meltdown before engaging makes the match much easier for many reasons but the main reason is removing the slow effects these buildables have.

I am aware targeting buildables is difficult for most melee, but this is a team centric game. If you’re in a premade or even have one person in your party who is better at buildables than your character, ask them to focus the buildables for a moment. Characters like Thorn, Marquis, Orendi, Oscar Mike and Whiskry Foxtrot are all amazing at this. If you’re not in a premade, repeatedly mark the buildables giving you problems, eventually a teammate will take it out, usually sooner than later.

Back to Deande, she relies on slow. Without gear to increase her speed, she can’t keep up with anyone in the game. Many Battleborn can move backwards faster than she can move forward making slow the only option she has, I am sure there are others similar (likely not to that extent) but I have yet to play them. Without Dreadwind Rath is also MUCH more viable if the enemy is slowed, he can chase the enemies down better sure but he has to be close range which means if they get a head start there is nothing he can do without slow.

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I hate being slowed, but I love slowing my enemies. Does that make me a hypocrite?


That makes you everybody who plays battleborn :joy:


Nyahh, I think thats the natural condition :smile:


Oh, there’s worse.

Stun > Stun > Stun > dead

Played against team with a Ghalt, Gal and Alani. As soon as the Hook hit you, you were dead. Even if you somehow missed the scrap trap, Gal would pull you in to Alani’s bubble. After which you would fall into another scrap trap, and maybe get shield-stunned for good measure.

So yeah. I would support a CC limiter. After 3 seconds of hard CC (stun) or 5 seconds of soft CC (blind, slow, silence), you would become immune to all CC for 2 seconds.

(Numbers still negotiable, obviously. Just throwing out preliminary ideas)


But why the immunity? Why would you limit other player’s skills just because someone else used their skill a few seconds earlier?

If you can’t read the situation and counter the enemy as a team, then it’s your fault. Don’t punish others for being a better team.

I strongly disagree with the idea of automatic CC immunity - and I’m usually the one who’s getting slowed and stunned, so I’m not biased. There’s gear for this, and that’s more than enough.


The gear doesn’t do anything.

And it wouldn’t be punishing player skill. If anything, encouraging and rewarding it.

As is, no skill required because you can effectively stun lock people to death.

They shouldn’t remove slow, they should just make the slow works ONLY on the movement speed, and not on everything as it is.
(and nerf the slow duration of some battleborn)


Told it before will tell it again : the game needs some kind of “PvP trinket” as we called them in WoW - Purification Beads in Smite. Some kind of item you could activate to get a temp CC immunity and break present CCs. Then it would go into cooldown and you would have to pay the cost again when needed.
Just replace the %CC reduction item or something with this :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, While CCs are annoying, I don’t think there are enough in Battleborn to really justify some diminishing returns yet. Just like the “Pvp Trinket” thingy, diminishing returns on CCs should be a standard thing, so I’d be for this entirely, but it’s just that it won’t really matter as much as it did in games with a damn lot of CCs like Smite :wink:

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“There aren’t enough in Battleborn”?!

You’re basically guaranteed to be slowed like 85% of the time

Seems like everyone is talking PvP.

What about Advanced Story mode? The Algorithm?

The amount of Slow you get hit with in that first room is indeed excessive.

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I’m pretty sure you’re exagerating :stuck_out_tongue: And it’s far, far from Smite hard CC frakfest. As annoying as they are in BB, they don’t hold a candle to this. Or even WoW in its first versions, where one rogue alone, naked, could kill another player because of the lack of DR on their stuns - we’re talking potentially minutes of hard CC there.

However it’s not because other games are worse that BB should stay as it is.

That’s one of the reason I hate The Algorithm and still to this day think it’s the hardest and most annoying mission in the campaign when playing solo or in small group.

However, CCs in PvE are close to non existant - there are some, sure - and they hardly matter except maybe during Rendain’s fight.

I’d say the issue with CC in PvE comes more from other design decisions that the actual abilities themselves. Way, too, many, fracking, Ronins at the very beginning of The Algorithm. Suffering Slows is only a part of the problem : they decided to throw everything they had at you right there on the very first moments of the very first mission of the game.

So yeah in a way CCs are mostly an “issue” with PvP for Battleborn. It’s quite not the same as, say, Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition where you could quite literally be stunned at the beginning of a fight and spend the next 5 minutes waiting for it all to end because you can’t even play anymore… :stuck_out_tongue:

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I do support slow.
But maybe just lower the length of time buildables slow you.

Yes standing in an enemy accelerator slows you down. That I agree. But leaving it and still being slowed for another 2s, I hate that. Even if accidentally walking into it.
Thumper is worst. 3 rockets and you get slowed significantly. Almost to the point of not being able to run and get killed afterwards.

Character slows are fine since they have cool down. Buildables, they should have a limit of how long you’re slowed. Thumpers are impossible to remove as melee without taking some form of damage. You can argue balance but it just feels wayyyyy too long.

Just my 2c

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