Remove the damn silence or stun from galilea!

SHE IS STILL BROKEN AS HELL! My ult gets cancelled every time by silence. That DAMN desecrate is not even an ult!

  1. Heal
  2. Silence
  3. Stun
  4. Range + Melee
  5. Shield block
  6. Pull

WHO THE HELL THOUGHT SHE’S A BRILLIANT IDEA?! That melee damage + range is crazy! I’m Rath full health, Stunned and then Galilea just came close and killed me with just that damn melee + range attack before I can react after CC is gone… THAT IS JUST STUPID!

I KNOW a ton of people has complained but serious wtf!


Don’t forget she can attack while sprinting

Use your default melee pushback. You can escape the encounter if you aren’t going to win it 1v1.

She can attack while sprinting…

You aren’t going to escape unless you happen to have a faster character.

And Galilea is not at all slow.

Makes you wonder why someone clad in full armor wielding a greatsword and shield can outrun a nimble assassin type like Deande. Or to be honest, why anyone can.


I wasn’t even going 1v1. I was with attikus both of us were trying to kill her. And how can u really run when she can just pull u back and attack. Plus the range and the sprint + attack? No way… and when u manage to almost escape BOOM stun again

Attacking while sprinting is a bug and is getting fixed. The Silence effect on Desecrate s getting changed so it only applies when the ability is used and will no longer apply for the entire duration of the ability.

That still does not address the fact that she still has a lot of utility skills. There are no other characters who’re as powerful and still can cancel ANYONE’S ult

I don’t know what they are planning to do with the rest of her kit so I can’t comment on it. I was simply sharing what I do know.

I know it too so don’t worry I’m not pissed at your or anything. She still is infact broken even with those nerf

What I can actually think of

  1. Stun needs to be removed from her Shield Throw if Silence is kept. Both can cancel anyone’s ult.
  2. When range attack is selected, she needs to be entirely range and no longer a melee character. It’s just crazy to allow her to hit u with melee and still damage you with the range blast damage at the same time.

could we atleast wait before shouting at galilea for still being op until the reworked Galilea kit is released, they are reworking her and before we see what they do with her there really isn’t a point in opening a thread every other day about a issue that is being worked on

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Are they going to rework ALL her utility skills? There are only 2 things that has been acknowledged and conveyed to everyone that’s being fixed.

  1. Sprint and attack will be fixed
  2. Silence only applied at initial use

That does not mean she’s still not broken. How long is Galilea allowed to make everyone rage in their games?

And they rework her and they do it based on statistics aswell as player feedback and all your concerns have been voiced a myriad if times already.

Thats the thing, thats my point, I respect your concerns and your frustration but lets wait until her rework is released.

There is no point in reiterating the same S*it over and over again. And if you want to make the same point that a large amount of people wrote then look for the last Galilea thread and don’t open a new one just because.

YES WE DON’T KNOW THAT’S MY POINT. How long are we going to have to swallow it every single time Galilea puts us to shame.

No problem with the range? She comes and stuns you. Melee you + range blast damage is enough to kill you or leaves you with so little amount of health for you to even get away safely. U can’t land a hit on her when you’re stunned. What if Miko is in their team? She’ll always be up and running with range attack.

I don’t even run Galilea she is strong but people are making her to be some ridiculous thing. I’ve seen people be complete crap as her. The only time I worry about her is when she has a pocket support.

And how many times have you seen a crap Galilea? Not as much as a good Galilea. Eventually people will have more experience in the game and people will know how to use Galilea. It’s an automatic suicide to attempt approaching a Galilea if you’re playing a melee character.

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I just remembered that they are also looking into what to do about her ranged attack when in melee range. Do they stop the ranged attack when in melee range? Do they halve the damage of the melee and ranged attacks when in melee range? Do they change it so that only the ranged attack does damage? This is something else I know they are looking into but at the time I spoke with the developers they didn’t know what approach they were going to use as it was still being discussed.

I hope you’re right. Galilea’s Helixes will need to be reworked entirely coz having more than 2 or 3 CC in a single character is crazy

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She’s keeping her stun on shield throw. They want her to be that way

I’m not sure what they are doing but they may rework it so that several of her augments will be moved so that they are in opposition to one another (meaning you have to select one of the other but cannot have both). They did something similar to Reyna. You could see how her helix lined up on the Battleborn website before and after they made the changes and it has been documented on MentalMars’s website as well. She used to be able to have both the homing plasma and the slow at one. Now you have to pick one of the other.

I’ve seen many poor Galies. Anyway it may take a few patches to balance her out a bit but keep in mind that she shouldn’t be nerfed to the point where she isn’t viable. When specced and played properly there are many characters that are borderline OP already.

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