Remove the damn silence or stun from galilea!

Hmmmmm, Kelvin ? and why did you create a new thread ? Couldnt you find an existing one talking about exactly the same thing ?

That can also be a good idea. Having either or… I can support that.

We’re just going to have to see what they do. Should be interesting.

You’ve just said it, Borderline OP. Galilea is just OP

I love how they have nerfed her 4 times pretty hard and shes still OP. Before those nerfs she was soloing entire enemy teams.

I particularly like shes one of the few characters who can inflict wounded status which helps shutting her down, so the bets way to counter her is with your own Galilea.

She wasn’t nerfed hard. At all.

She was incrementally adjusted. It’s the hope that by the time they finish she’ll be balanced.

So I dunno. End of June no more Godlea?

Your a Rath, complaining about an OP Galilea?
What did Gal do?, stop you using your cheesy knock up, silence, ult = death…

The moment you mentioned Galilea being OP with her silence, and then you mentioned you play Rath… You became a bit of a hypocrite

EDIT - Honestly, the more I read your original post, the more I laugh…You basically explain what Rath does and then complain about it


Gal is OP if the gamer playing her plays her good/godlike. If the player has no skill she is easily killable with any other Battleborn hero.
Same counts for all heroes: If you play them bad no character-skill will turn that boat arround.
So due to the “OP-talk” noobs choose her to play it safe/be the champ. These players suck at Gal, and so Gal is killable since she´s played badly.
You come across some good Gals and suddenly you remember that “she is OP anyway”.

If you focus purely on how “Char X” is OP, you´ll just get obsessed with the idea and suddenly its a dogma.

“Gal is OP” is definately growing into a dogma or even creed.

If people push this further GBX could nerf her into a chicken and the dogma would still live on.

Kelvin has 1 reliable CC and another that 80% of the time backfires and guarantees the enemy’s escape. They’re also both the same kind of CC, so they can’t be stacked on top of each other. Granted he can get a very short slow effect on his melee combo chain but it’s extremely unreliable and almost no one picks it. He can also get a slow on the aforementioned unreliable ultimate… at level 10.

Galilea can Silence you, Slow you, spend that whole time beating on you, and when you’re about to escape the Silence zone (even though you still stay silenced after leaving it) Stun you and beat on you some more. If, by some miracle, you manage to damage her enough during all this to threaten a kill, she has an easy escape tool.

Considering Gali is about 5x better than Rath I don’t see why he couldn’t complain about it.

But he is complaining about a skill that silences, when Rath has exactly the same… And in terms of Gali being 5x better… That is a matter of opinion… I see plenty of Raths bursting round the map destroying what they see… Galilea is a lot more toned down now, when you see a Gali, just jump and 9/10 you jump over her shield, then keep your distance and take her out

Rath silences for 3 seconds max in a line. If he misses it’s over.

Gali’s E last for 8 seconds (11 with Helix), pulls you inside (no need to aim), and as long as you stay inside you are silenced. Oh you can increase the AoE too, making it even harder to escape OR she can slow everyone in it instead. Combined with IDTGA, she can output more damage than Rath’s one trick pony E+ULT.

Rath is clearly a worse champion in every single aspect compared to Gali. SO yes, he has every right to complain. When a Rath is doing good a Gali would be doing better. This is fact.

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My opinion :
This game SHOULD NOT give any unskilled stun like this.
Miko & galilea’s stun are the most unskilled ones and they’re totally wrecking anything.
Look at ghalt, or montana / boldur, these are examples of stun that can be avoided and that aren’t completely broken.

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How is it “unskilled”? Her shield throw is as archetypal a skill shot as you can get

Quick tip get away of the big black circle??? if at this point of the game people remains inside you deserve to die.

Now about the easy stun just another tip move or get cc reduction items. The animation when she throws the shield couldn’t be more obvious not to mention that with the nerf she can only do dmg or tank she can’t do both anymore…

The Problem at Gal is the Wombo Combo. Shield Stun + Silence + increased DMG + self Heal ? Cmon, this is far beyond fair Style.

But, am i the only one who thinks that Rath’s Ult 's DMG is too High?! Sure, its an ULT, it should do the most DMG. But the DMG/s is way too much.

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They should reduce her attack speed.
I mean, come on, it’s a GREATSWORD.

And at the same time, you’re holding it in ONE HAND.

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You obviously have not enough experience in Battleborn to be so ignorant towards how powerful Galilea is. Rath’s ulti can be countered by a simple melee that pushes Rath away. Galilea? I don’t need to explain

Do you not think I know that? I’m not a freakin noob. I don’t post stuff without having a solid reason.

You better use the correct “reply” button if you want someone to answer your post…
It’s unskilled because she’s a godamn melee character. A not so tall one even.
Plus the hitbox is so big & the projectile so fast it’s impossible to avoid that thing.

I don’t even know why stuns exist in this game…