Remove the negatives for the gear or increase the price

As you guys know, the gears sometimes come with negative effect but when compared to similar gear without the negatives, the difference is generally the shard activation cost is higher.

In essence this was meant to balance the item but in reality it does not work this way.

What people would do now is basically ensure that the gear you put on the character has a negative Stat that has zero impact on the character for example lowered shield recharge for eldrid character that don’t use shields or lower reload speed for those who do not have reloadable weapons.

This means that for every gear out there without negatives, there would a cheaper shard version of the gear that although it seems to have negatives, it does not affect your character in anyway at all. This would mean that people will gravitate towards these gears and basically people who farm more or have more time will have a better and cheaper gear compared to people who don’t. So the game becomes a gear hunt and people who have the time and a wider choice of gear will always have the advantage over someone who don’t because they can activate their gear more cheaply. This out of match advantage that carries into a competitive match will create an unfair game play situation and should be addressed.

Just look at the extreme case whereby one team has played more and all the members has 3 gears with no negative and higher shard cost and another team has all members having 3 gears with negatives but these negatives do not impact their character and will have a lower shard cost. At a earlier point of the match one team will definitely have a stats advantage over the others just by virtue of the gear that they chose out of match and this will create an unfair playing field.

Let me know your thoughts on this

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I get what you mean by this but I personally like the way this works, and it also gives people incentive to keep playing more to unlock better gear, getting the right negatives for what you want ends up being a significant power increase that to me is pretty satisfying, compared to say getting an extra .05% attack damage above what you are already using.

I will say that I believe negatives need to be normalized with what type of gear it is on for example max shield items should only ever get negative max health modifiers. I think this is at least partially true but I believe some item types do have a pool of potential negatives they can draw from.


Your direction would work fine also as long as players won’t circumvent the supposed negatives just by equipping the gear on characters that are not completely affected by this. Indeed this will allow for more variability in stats and still let the game be more fair. But it will be a chore to decide on which negatives to put into the gear that cannot be circumvented completely

I think this should remain. Using 0 activation gear is a strategy in its own way, if you’re running a mostly offensive team against a heavy team then 0 or low activation cost gear is just what you need for an early game push, it’s also good for less experienced players to have the option to activate their gear at the beginning of a match to give them a slight advantage early before they’re outleveled by the better players and denied the shards they need to build or activate high tier gear.

Then there’s capture, fast-paced with few shards and a heavy emphasis on building early, 0 activation shard generating gear helps with that objective, and an all 0 activation loadout is great for a mode where you’re unlikely to activate your high end gear.

There are pros and cons to this argument, just as there are pros and cons to negative stat gear. Let’s say you have two legendaries or you’re using a late game character who has rely on clearing minion waves and building to level up, 0 activation shard gear is pefect for that kind of loadout/strategy. They also give incentive to use 0 activation gear over late game legendaries, depending on the playstyle and team strategy. If they’re removed, a lot of current strategies will be as well and a lot of people who currently use them for a number of reasons will be unhappy about the outcome. Early game negative stat gear may give a slight edge, but late game they’re just a waste of a gear slot where another high tier epic or legendary piece could have been used instead.


Yeah, no.

I like having 0 activation gear whenever I play on capture maps. It’s almost impossible for me to make any decent amount of shards to build up gear, so being able to activate an entire loadout right before leaving the spawnpoint is a godsend for me.


Fine as is.


I have no problem, it’s the most accessible gear in the whole system, when you play some story missions you get rained on with those white items. Or just buy the cheapest packs over and over, you’ll be surprised :slight_smile:

It’s finally a matter of what modes you play and how you approach it. I played like 30 captures matches for Ghalt’s First Blood lore challenge. Guess that zero activation cost gear was perfect, I sit at 9/10 first kills right now.

If you go on advanced hardcore story, said gear won’t be of much help since you swim in shards pretty quickly and you look for blue / purple / legendary to have impact a lil later than level 1.

Hmmm apologies but I was not referring to whether we should have zero activation gear. I am more focused on making sure that gears that have negatives, have negative that will affect the character and not negatives that can be circumvented by ensuring the negative Stat is something that does not affect your character at all because then the game becomes a game of farming whereby just by virtue of time to farm, one team may have an advantage over the other.

I could use your zero activation gear as an elaboration. Let’s say now we have a full team that don’t have the time to farm but want to play the game and they choose a complete set of gear that gives shard per sec. These guys must get enough shards in game first so that they can activate their gear. Now their opposing team has more time to farm in other matches and have another set of gear that gives shards per sec also, but now they just make sure that the negatives are on slots that do not affect their character such as reload speed reduction on melee characters, shield reduction on Eldrid. As you have experienced in your own game, due to this negatives on gear, the activation cost becomes zero. This would mean that right from the start, we can have a full team benefiting from their gear where the bonus is exactly the same as the other team, and they are not affected by the negatives because they just select it out by picking the correct negative Stat that has zero impact.

As a result, you will have an unbalanced game right at the start which is not an even playing field on a match basis. And this team has this advantage only because he had the time to farm and make sure that all his gears belong to the cheaper activation cost with a negative effect that does not affect his hero gear type and starts the match on an unbalanced footing.

I use the extreme example to just show how this can be abused to get that edge over someone else right at the get go.

I am all for winning by skill and practice but I am not a fan of just cause I play more, I get better gear that will be better then yours because I had the time to farm and make sure the negative doesn’t affect my character at all!

Basically if you have all the time in the world, you could probably farm all similar stat gear with lowest shard cost with a negative effect that does not affect your character and you will always have the upper hand

My issue is all my neg gear has worse positive stats than my mom neg gear. My rarer gear also 9/10 has worse stats too. Hell my friend and I got a leg gear at the same time but his starts are all 25% minimum. It can’t be just my luck. I have only 1 time through out the CTT Beta and full found one neg gear that has slightly better stats.
As for what you’re saying the lower price makes sense to be cheaper bc some people have no other options for that gear type. I still have 2 that I haven’t come across again.

That’s smart play. Again, fine as is.


I like it just fine as is. It’s virtually instant unlock gear, which is really helpful on some missions, and it’s a nice bonus if you figure out a Battleborn to apply it to that gets around the debuff. It’s taking up the slot that a much better Epic or Legendary piece could be occupying, so there’s still a significant strategy to making the trade-off. I hope it doesn’t get changed.

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I see no issue with free gear, as for it to be free gear, it has to be white with a negative attribute. Whites only have one single bonus, while everything above has more than one bonus. To make a loadout completely of free gear would have you be mildly powerful early on in the match, but unless the enemy team surrenders or doesn’t farm shards at all, you will end up being less powerful later on.

I often play with my loadouts being comprised of blue to orange gear, more often than not of the more expensive and thus more powerful varieties. It takes me a while to get all of my gear activated, but when I do, I have a marked edge over everybody else. It’s less a question of how powerful the gear is, as every single gear item can reach the same power levels, from white to orange, but rather when you want that power spike from picking up the gear.

Moreover, secondary gear effects, their activation requirements, and the negative effects of a piece of gear are determined by what faction they come from. Jennerit gear, for example, have +Attack damage, +Critical damage, +Skill damage, +Attack speed as positive traits while having -Damage resistance, -Reload speed, and +Recoil as negative traits.

This means that if you really wanted to get a loadout full of free gear that you can activate while Nova explains to you how you should totally escort those minions to those grinders, she doesn’t care how cute they are, then you could easily target the negative effects you’re looking for.

Don’t care for shields? Buy Eldrid loot packs
Don’t care for reload speed/recoil/damage reduction? Buy Jennerit loot packs
Don’t care for movement speed or cooldown times? Buy LLC loot packs
Don’t care for critical hit damage or skill damage? Buy UPR loot packs
Don’t care for health or healing? You’re insane, but buy Rogue loot packs

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Exactly my point. So it becomes a state whereby people will aim to get white or green or whatever gear with a negative Stat that will not affect the character and that will always be better then a similar rarity item without the negative Stat.

For the pvp scene, this will mean that people will have the advantage sololy because of grinding before hand and unless u grind yourself you won’t have that lower shard activation item. So suddenly your game becomes a gear hunt for that gear with a negative Stat that doesn’t affect your character and it will always be better then one that is similar.

I dunno about you guys but I would say that pvp games should be balanced and we shouldn’t have a case whereby a gear is purely better then the other without any real down sides.

Just like how gold, purple, blue, green and white gear decreases in activation in a proper scale with the benefits it brings, we can have items that have negative effects with a lower cost but the negative effect must affect the character to justify the lower cost and not be factored out just because I spent the time to farm it and make sure the negative effect is not related to my character

So what you’re saying is, players who put more effort in to get their gear shouldn’t be rewarded because they were looking for a piece of gear that is much more situational for the character they’re trying to play?

Nah. It’s rather balanced as it is. Some characters don’t need certain stats, and gear that has negatives to those stats also have limited positives as well. If you want free gear loadout, then you have only 3 bonuses. If you go anywhere above white, green through purple, then what positives you can get are dictated by the negatives you are okay with.

I have a purple gauntlet from the Rogue faction. It gives me 9.8% attack damage and 4.2% movement speed, the highest buffs possible for a Rogue gauntlet. It’s amazing, but it costs 1050 shards to activate, the highest possible cost. However, it’s not possible for me to get that same gauntlet with anything but -maximum health, -healing received, or -heal power. As those are the debuffs associated with the Rogue faction.

If I wanted to get a 9.8% gauntlet that had -shield strength or whatever, I would have to go get an Eldrid gauntlet, which would change my bonus from +movement speed to +Maximum health. Which, while it has it’s place in some loadouts, it’s not as ideal for the ones I have in mind.


So the reason I like having the negatives is because they allow me to reduce shield strength on phoebe which in turn, when combined with her level seven helix allows her to basically spam her phase gate creating a scenario in which negatives are useful.

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All I’m picking up is you complaining about people with better gear.
Why shouldn’t people who farm have an advantage over people who don’t? What’s the point in farming then?
It’s fine the way it is.


Dont get me wrong I am fine with people grinding for gear and it’s fine to grind for a good variety of gear.

My only issue is to make sure all negatives will affect the character the item is on which means things like negative shields and negative recoil should not be a effect as some characters will not be affected by this items at all and hence for them the equipment with the negative will always be better then the one without and that’s not balanced

i havent gotten all the high level gear, but ive sold back enough to understand some of the patterns with the atrributes. i have noticed some gear that affects identical stats in slightly different ways. the percentage increases are marginally different (on might be a percent higher etc) but the main difference is one has a negative and one doesnt. and while the one that doesnt is usually more expensive, since both gear is on the same level it is only marginally more expensive. ive just been selling those with negatives if i already have a similar piece without.i was wondering why these are in the game if there is already better gear on the same level without the massive negative and only sightly less positive. i just thought that gear is just inferior so just shard it. might still be useful if i dont have another piece that affects similar stats.

I Say keep it the way it is , since it balance and fair , it keeps the loot grind and the packs worth something if you get a negative sell it , In time you will find better ones that got no negative anyways. but if impatience , then you decide should keep it or sell it .

Also if you notice it , that higher command rank is , and harder the missions are , you will get way higher gear then when were lv10 ish. the gear kind of a ladder the way they got it set up .

Until everyone at lv100 and stuff , and then if the gear , get weird i say maybe , they can lower some the -gears.

One neat things about this game is , the strategy on your gears to save or farm better.

Just wish there was more load out.

You sure the higher rank you are the harder the missions/better gear you get? I’m rank 64 and it seems the same to me…